Justified Jaipur- A Poetry

Amer Fort.jpg

I stepped onto a familiar land,

Pink walls and golden sand.

I carried hopes and desire,

That left me something to admire.

Though, I had travelled to this place before,

But, this time it was something more.

This time I explored the place,

That time I was followed by the race.

The land has multiple stories,

Heroic tombs are still echoing with the glories.

They born, they fought.

They gave away lives without a thought.

Art is perfect exemplification of this city,

At every corner, you will be engaged with its beauty.

From sky to roads,

From tiny shops to homes,

Or from fools to sages,

Everything has an art that will hold on you for ages.

I heard voices in the night,

That talked about city’s sanctity and its delight.

I saw those roads that did not need security,

But, in my city, walking alone is never a priority.

If winter’s night are so beautiful and calm,

How can we not think about the morning and its charm?

People wake up so early,

They work with ease and are never in hurry.

They genuinely care about your likes and dislikes,

And they don’t hesitate to bring you smiles.

How beautiful is this city!

Jaipur man.jpg

Named as northwest region,

Small, dry, yet a beautiful creation.

They share a border with an enemy,

Still they live brave and freely.

A complete contrast is my city,

Huge, cosmopolite, yet so deadly.

People are afraid to come close and get friendly.

Metropolitan is nothing but a fallacy,


In countryside, you can proudly live your story.


Guest Post

By- Kumkum Chandak


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An Ideal Holication At Heiwa Heaven, Jaipur

Festivals, festivals and festivals that is what the city of Jaipur is all about. With the onset of one festival, another beautiful festival comes along where in you can celebrate it with more zeal and enthusiasm. The month of March comes with Holi, the festival of colors which spreads joy and happiness all over. And this festival of colours and togetherness is being celebrated and hosted by Heiwa Heaven Resort where there will be dance, music, colours and what not.

dj at heiwa heaven.jpg

Experience the most vibrant Holi filled with organic colours to splash on each other along with rain dance where you can groove in all you want under the showers of water. To make the party more fun, there will be dhol and bollywood tracks played just for you with tangy snacks and relaxing drinks being served.

Colour balloons, unlimited colours and water guns, live food counter where in delicious variety of chaat and snacks will be prepared right in front of your eyes, is awaiting your arrival where DJ Irfan will be playing non-stop for you.

holi at heiwa heaven.jpg

Drench yourself into festival of colours, soak your soul into the bollywood tracks and get ready for some action-packed adventure that will make you forget about the world.

adventure at heiwa heaven.jpg

Spend your exotic Holi-days at Heiwa Heaven where in you can have all the fun you want with your friends and family.

heiwa heaven.jpg

Book your tickets nowhttps://www.heiwaheaven.com/holi/

Date: 2nd-  March

Venue: Heiwa Heaven

Time: 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.

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On Albert Hall Foundation day today, let us tell you a little story about the oldest museum of Rajasthan which is also the state museum – Albert hall. Along with the story, we will take you through some different kinds of pictures of Albert Hall, Jaipur clicked in its different moods 🙂

  1. Dreamy
    When the foundation stone of Albert Hall was laid during the visit of the Prince of Wales, to Jaipur in 1876, it had yet to be determined what use it would be put to. Finally in 1880, Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh II approved a suggestion by Dr. Thomas Holbein Hendley, Resident Surgeon (whose interests extended beyond his medical responsibilities) to open a museum of Industrial Arts to display products of local craftsmen.albert dreamy
  2. Sunny
    Albert Hall was completed in 1887 by the architect and director of Jaipur PWD – Samuel Swinton. albert blue sky
  3. Thunderous
    Its Indo-Saracenic architecture and stone ornamentation, became a source of reference for varied classical Indian styles of design from Mughal to Rajput.image1 (17)
  4. Busy 
    It is named after King Edward VII (Albert Edward), during whose visit to the city as the Prince of Wales, its foundation stone was laid on 6 February 1876.albert vintage
  5. Night at the Museum
    Also called the Government Central Museum, Albert Hall Museum opened for Night tourism in 2015 and has been seeing a rise in visitors ever since. It also hosts a lot of musical concerts and events attracting a huge crowd.albert-hall-night
  6. A Peaceful sight
    However, the most amazing sight of Albert Hall Museum is when a large kit of pigeons rests here, feed on their food and fly away giving an unforgettable picturesque view !!33 Albert Hall

Northern India’s First All-Women Railway Station in Jaipur Will Make You Proud

Jaipur’s Gandhi Nagar Railway Station becomes the first all-women railway station in North India and second in Indian Railways which now has 40 staff members and from the post of station master to that of porter, all staff is female .

Pic via Hindustan Times

Along with more CCTV cameras to ensure safety & a changing room in making, an important addition is of the sanitary napkin vending machine installed at the station.

This is quite a smart & progressive move towards equality & equal opportunity for women.

Experience Techno Holi In Jaipur Like Never Before

Where words fade, music speaks.

A never-seen or heard before techno music festival is stepping into our very own city of Jaipur and we can’t hold our excitement. There will be dance, there will be music, there will be food and not to forget there will be Holi celebrations as well. So all the gorgeous girls and handsome boys, wait no more and join the first of its kind Locals District Techno Music Festival 2018 where you will surely lose your senses to the beat and find yourself somewhere within.

10 days to go.jpg

3 days, 1 fort, 4 stages, 40 artists and 1 massive Holi festival is in queue for you. Get ready to experience Locals District Techno Music Festival, India’s first Techno Music Festival marking its first year completion of the music community “Locals” where mixed talent will be brought together to give you the feel of music to remember for lifetime.

locals district techno music festival.jpg

With extravagant lights and visuals, live programming and projection mapping, you will witness great pioneers in the music industry like Kohra, BOLT, Jitter, Adam Rahman, Ash Roy, Arjun Vagale, Matt Sassari, Eric Volta and Sequel right in front of you that will add a charm to your Holi festival.

All the techno artists will come together and perform at a beautiful fairytale like 18th century castle, Castle Kalwar. Nestled on a foot hill, Castle Kalwar is a serene and peaceful destination that is set to host Techno musical event never experienced before.

castle kalwar

Soak yourself into the techno music festival and celebrate your Techno Holi at Castle Kalwar!

Date: 2nd-4th March, 2018

Venue: Castle Kalwar

Book your tickets herehttp://www.localsdistrict.com/

For more information:



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Heritage Water Walks Being Conducted at Nahargarh Fort & Amber Palace, Jaipur

If there is a group of tourists who would like to witness and understand the amazing water harvesting structures at the Nahargarh Fort and Amer Palace – the same can be arranged. The Department of Archaeology and Museum has tied up with “Heritage Water Walks” for arranging them. This was informed by the Director of Archaeology & Museums, Government of Rajasthan, Mr. Hridesh Sharma today. The Director said that the 2-hour water walks both at Nahargarh and Amber are designed to understand the sacredness of water in Rajasthani culture and the wisdom of our ancestors. It uncovers the stories hidden in the majestic forts of Nahargarh and Amber Palace while enjoying a walk in jungle or witnessing the majestic grandeur of the forts. Participants go back amazed at the sophistication of water technologies of past. Such walks are being conducted since 2015. They are being conducted by Mr. Neeraj Doshi of Rain Water (Research, Advocacy & Innovation in Water) which is supported by the Department of Archaeology & Museums and Jaipur Development Authority. The timings for these walks are : Nahargarh Fort (6 am to 5 pm); Amber Palace (8am to 5 pm – winters; 10 am to 5 pm – summers).

Nahargarh Fort Water Walk

The story of Nahargarh Water harvesting structures is also the story of ingenuity of Rajasthan society to innovate for all its needs. Built In 1734 during the reign of Sawai Jai Singh (1698-1740), the extensive water systems of Nahargarh is one of the most significant features of the fort. Water catchment for Nahargarh extends to about 6 kms surrounding the fort. A network of six closed catchments connect through small canals and aqueducts and drains are laid in and outside the fort. Small canals bring rainwater from the higher reaches of the hills. The bed of these canals is designed in such a way that it is on a gradient and also at the same time has an undulating course. Nahargarh has two large step wells (Bawri) and a smaller step well known as ‘Kund’. The large step wells receive water from the catchment in the surrounding hills. The ‘Kund’ receives rainwater harvested from the fort complex alone.

Amber Palace Water Walk

The story of Amber water lifting and harvesting structures is also equally ingenuous as that of Nahargarh. Water harvesting system here shows how the provision of water for large residences was made bearing in mind the refined water conservation mechanism and superior architectural practices of 16th century Rajputana. Raja Man Singh I built Amber Palace in 1599. It was further expanded for next 150 years by Mirza Raja Jai Singh and Jai Singh II until Jai Singh II decided to move the capital to newly built Jaipur City in 1743. The extensive water system of Amber Palace is one of the most significant features of the Palace.  Amber palace has two sources of water – Maota Lake and rainwater harvesting within the palace. A series of six structures (buildings) lift water from Maota Lake all the way up to the fort through a complex relay system.  Unlike rainwater harvesting system of Fort Nahargarh, which collects water from surrounding hills via extensive network of drains, Amber Palace uses a much more sophisticated mechanism to lift water few hundred feet above from Maota Lake.

Ever since the water walks have started a large number of Indian and foreign tourists, students, civil service officers, designer, architects, citizens of Jaipur and even renowned authors of Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) have experienced the walk.

10 Most Romantic Places To Go On Valentine’s Day In Jaipur

Valentine’s day is that day of the year which couples wait for throughout to celebrate and rekindle the special bond that they share. Wherever they are, they reunite on this special day to celebrate it in the most dreamy and gorgeous way possible. What could be a better way of celebrating your day of love in a distant and romantic setup in your very own city, Jaipur where romance is in the air ?

  1. Jai’pour Café & Bar

Greek ambience, an upscale eatery on a rooftop where you can enjoy a serene candle-night dinner whilst sipping on your alcoholic chuski will be your most cherished moment of the day. And to top it all you get an exclusive Valentine Day offer. Don’t wait anymore, make your reservations now.

valentine day.gif

  1. Conversation Restobar

Amidst the beautiful bar setup with shimmering candles and spellbinding wines, experience conversation like never before where you can sit blissfully and enjoy your day of love.

The Wall street Conversation-2 copy.jpg

  1. Ta BLU

Soak yourself into the romantic music only at Ta BLU. Dazzle up your valentine with music midst the aroma of candles that will add yet another charm to your special day of love.


  1. Café Quaint

Fresh aroma of coffee and the soothing ambience will pull you towards Café Quaint. Spend a quiet evening with your loved one and surprise her with lots of presents that will make her remember this day forever.


  1. Tattoo Café

With Palace of Winds (Hawa Mahal) right in front of your eyes and a perfect partner to accompany you on this special day, Tattoo café sets a perfect mood to celebrate your Valentines.

tattoo cafe.jpg

  1. Hotel C9

There will be games, dating, mimicry, live singing, live DJ, unlimited food and drinks to accompany your loved one with whom you can enjoy everything under one roof at Hotel C9. Enter the world of fantasy and rejoice your day of love.

hotel c9.jpg

  1. Unplugged Restro & Lounge

Under the starry sky and a beautifully lit ambience where you can spend hours and hours gazing into each other’s eyes and talk your heart out, is Unplugged Restro & Lounge. You will definitely treasure these moments forever.


  1. O2- The Plant Café

Soulful music with Amir’ Collectives whose melodies will leave you in trance and music that will make you hang on to his touching words will be performing live for you at O2- The Plant Café. Celebrate your day of love with soothing melodies and a special candle night setup customized especially for you.

o2 the plant cafe.jpg

  1. The Stag Cafe

Far away from the main city, lies The Stag Café which offers a culturally rich look of the heritage property Amer Fort. What could be more special than creating your memories right here which is the most romantic place in Jaipur.


  1. The Feast

Live music and candle light setup is on its way to take your breath away. So guys and girls get ready to experience delectable desserts at its best only at The Feast and make your day more sweet and refreshing.

the feast.jpg