Planning a New Year’s Eve

Plans for New Year Eve
The New Year is coming and the thought of its arrival has left people with different moods everywhere.  Some people argue that there’s no such thing as the perfect New Year’s Eve, others party with hundreds of their closest friends, all sloshed and wearing funny hats! Some are happy and are planning to celebrate the New Year with full zest and fest and some are just trying their best to resist the feeling of nostalgia. Here Jaipur Beat has got a range of options to suit almost anyone.

Following are some interesting games those can be played at the party.

1.     A game can be added to the party to make it more happening. In this game, everyone has to write down his/her resolutions on a slip of paper (no names), toss them into a bowl/hat, and then a person would randomly read them aloud. Everyone has to guess which resolutions belong to whom. Hire a bartender and serve exotic cocktails. Cater the affair with gourmet food.
OOther games like non-stop nonsense, passing the parcel, dumb charades can also be played.
2.     Run into the New Year. Get an early start on your New Year’s resolution to get fit, and join one of the many fun runs beginning at around 11:45 p.m., New Year’s Eve. Many lounges, night clubs and resorts organize Gala nights to welcome the New Year with full zest, get their passes before it gets too late.
3.     Organize a simple late night party at your farm house and hire some folk dancers and musicians to give the night a cultural look.  A dance floor can also be put down there to make the night groovy.
4.     Theme parties can be organized.  Some of the best themes are- Mask, Jungle, Cartoon, Bollywood, Different states of India and Halloween.
A party with a theme of GO GREEN can also be organized at your place or in some open area. On the last day of the year, invite your friends to be with you to sow a seed and then celebrate the last night of the year with the saplings.
5.      A beautiful tempting cake in the party can be made a reason to take a New Year resolution. Decorate the cake with candles and ask everyone to keep a resolution in mind and blow the candles. Make a list of the wishes on a separate paper with the names of the resolution taker and keep that list safe with someone to tally whether they could be able to complete that resolution or not the next year!!!
You may also share your Ideas with us.


Green Beat..

The Greener Side….

Jaipur, with its green parks is becoming greener day by day… Many new gardens and parks have been added to the existing map of the city. Central Park rules the list.

Central park, situated in the heart of the city is serving as an excellent place for the citizens to grab ample of oxygen. Jaipur’s energetic outlook has been improved much by the appealing charisma of this outstanding garden.

The park knows everything about what a tired and exhausted citizen would need after a stressed out day. For the music lovers, the park organizes a musical evening once in a month (every second Saturday of the month) and for those who are into yoga or laughter therapy can laugh out loud and stretch their bodies at the yoga sessions organized in the park every day. The musical fountain is what that can sooth your senses well. Aah!! So, now you have got ‘many’ reasons to jog at the walkways of the best park of your city!!!

Kapoor Chand ‘Kulish’ Smriti Van, another name Jaipur’s heart beat for. Situated away from the hustle bustle life of the city this garden covering a vast stretch of land is the best place to spend the leisure time. It’s the place where the rarest seen bird can be found in the morning. The park is like a vast jungle with beautifully developed pathways. There is a lotus pond as well. Youngsters hang out there for ‘different’ purposes. These cold days are just a reason to reach there. Vehicles parked outside, and a long walk hand in hand with crisp of snacks.

And of course, who can forget about the old nerve of the city, Ramniwas Garden. 


Jaipur : My Heart Beats for you !!

Jaipur : My Heart Beats for you.
Its almost 30 years now since we shifted to Jaipur. Having spent more than 80% of my life in this beautiful city , I can safely say that I am a Jaipurite. The pink city flows in my blood, a blood that has become more pink now than red (pun intended 😉  )

I have seen this city evolve from a typical touristy heritage city to an upcoming metro town.  When the reasons to visit a city for travelers change, you can be rest assured the nature of city is changing. The surge in the business travelers to Jaipur in last few years clearly proves my point.

A city, which was famous for its Hawa Mahal and Amber Palace, now is known as a city of GENpact and Infosys. The days when driving a two-wheeler was supposed to be a prestige symbol are gone,  Jaipur today claim to have world’s best car showrooms. The Merc’s, BMW’s and VW’s are available for Jaipurites to buy and maintain.

There was a time when Kiran Café was the only fast food and hanging joint for every one. Who can forget those queues to get into Kiran Café to eat famous Dosa. Today Jaipur offers world-class entertainment and leisure activities. All the leading restaurant chains are now very much operational in Jaipur.

Those days when latest Hollywood movies were released in the morning shows can never be forgotten. Prem Prakash and Gem were the only two halls trying to offer us those famous Bond movies. The multiplexes have totally changed the way Jaipurites watch movies. Shoppotaintment is what Jaipurites indulge into when they visit a mall. Shopping is now a family event and every one look forward to it.

Few years back the students of Jaipur, after completing schools, were seen applying and studying at colleges outside Jaipur. Not any more, now we can see students from different part of the country coming and studying at Jaipur. Jaipur has slowly become a leading hub for technical education.

I can go on and on…afterall the heart beat never stops. Love to hear from all of you your beat story. Till then stay connected to Jaipur Beat

WaKe Up!!!

WaKe Up!!!

Winters bring with it a sudden ‘change’ in terms of the mood. Chilly weather in Jaipur has turned the old saying of “Early to bed Early to rise” upside down to “Early to bed Late to rise”. The laziness has taking over everyone’s life. Warm quilts make us fall in love with them; we just want to stick to the bed for as long as we can. But how long can we spend our most of the precious time with that heavy drowsy feeling ???

Wake up!!! You are part of Jaipur… A lot of action  is going around. Jaipur beat won’t let your day snore anymore.

Catch up the latest bytes about the thrilling and happening events going in our city, Jaipur!!!

JB team

Heart Beat of Jaipur

Jaipur Beat

What does a beat mean? You may take it as the heart beat or something that may stir you to the core.

Jaipur Beat, a page for those who wants to catch the beats of the pink city. All the happenings that can turn you on and make you feel like being at the core of the city is just a click away. It is to keep our discontents in a corner, get to know something new about the city.

Being in touch and appreciating of what all is going in and around our own city is a better option than
to just ‘seeing’ other cities with a hope to become like them ‘someday’.

Jaipur with its colors- noisy walled city and the silent roads outside, cafes, parks, book shops, theaters, chaat stalls, pubs etc. is unique in itself.

Come join us to make Jaipur more happening with every beat of it !!!