Jaipur : My Heart Beats for you !!

Jaipur : My Heart Beats for you.
Its almost 30 years now since we shifted to Jaipur. Having spent more than 80% of my life in this beautiful city , I can safely say that I am a Jaipurite. The pink city flows in my blood, a blood that has become more pink now than red (pun intended 😉  )

I have seen this city evolve from a typical touristy heritage city to an upcoming metro town.  When the reasons to visit a city for travelers change, you can be rest assured the nature of city is changing. The surge in the business travelers to Jaipur in last few years clearly proves my point.

A city, which was famous for its Hawa Mahal and Amber Palace, now is known as a city of GENpact and Infosys. The days when driving a two-wheeler was supposed to be a prestige symbol are gone,  Jaipur today claim to have world’s best car showrooms. The Merc’s, BMW’s and VW’s are available for Jaipurites to buy and maintain.

There was a time when Kiran Café was the only fast food and hanging joint for every one. Who can forget those queues to get into Kiran Café to eat famous Dosa. Today Jaipur offers world-class entertainment and leisure activities. All the leading restaurant chains are now very much operational in Jaipur.

Those days when latest Hollywood movies were released in the morning shows can never be forgotten. Prem Prakash and Gem were the only two halls trying to offer us those famous Bond movies. The multiplexes have totally changed the way Jaipurites watch movies. Shoppotaintment is what Jaipurites indulge into when they visit a mall. Shopping is now a family event and every one look forward to it.

Few years back the students of Jaipur, after completing schools, were seen applying and studying at colleges outside Jaipur. Not any more, now we can see students from different part of the country coming and studying at Jaipur. Jaipur has slowly become a leading hub for technical education.

I can go on and on…afterall the heart beat never stops. Love to hear from all of you your beat story. Till then stay connected to Jaipur Beat


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