Green Beat..

The Greener Side….

Jaipur, with its green parks is becoming greener day by day… Many new gardens and parks have been added to the existing map of the city. Central Park rules the list.

Central park, situated in the heart of the city is serving as an excellent place for the citizens to grab ample of oxygen. Jaipur’s energetic outlook has been improved much by the appealing charisma of this outstanding garden.

The park knows everything about what a tired and exhausted citizen would need after a stressed out day. For the music lovers, the park organizes a musical evening once in a month (every second Saturday of the month) and for those who are into yoga or laughter therapy can laugh out loud and stretch their bodies at the yoga sessions organized in the park every day. The musical fountain is what that can sooth your senses well. Aah!! So, now you have got ‘many’ reasons to jog at the walkways of the best park of your city!!!

Kapoor Chand ‘Kulish’ Smriti Van, another name Jaipur’s heart beat for. Situated away from the hustle bustle life of the city this garden covering a vast stretch of land is the best place to spend the leisure time. It’s the place where the rarest seen bird can be found in the morning. The park is like a vast jungle with beautifully developed pathways. There is a lotus pond as well. Youngsters hang out there for ‘different’ purposes. These cold days are just a reason to reach there. Vehicles parked outside, and a long walk hand in hand with crisp of snacks.

And of course, who can forget about the old nerve of the city, Ramniwas Garden. 

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