Planning a New Year’s Eve

Plans for New Year Eve
The New Year is coming and the thought of its arrival has left people with different moods everywhere.  Some people argue that there’s no such thing as the perfect New Year’s Eve, others party with hundreds of their closest friends, all sloshed and wearing funny hats! Some are happy and are planning to celebrate the New Year with full zest and fest and some are just trying their best to resist the feeling of nostalgia. Here Jaipur Beat has got a range of options to suit almost anyone.

Following are some interesting games those can be played at the party.

1.     A game can be added to the party to make it more happening. In this game, everyone has to write down his/her resolutions on a slip of paper (no names), toss them into a bowl/hat, and then a person would randomly read them aloud. Everyone has to guess which resolutions belong to whom. Hire a bartender and serve exotic cocktails. Cater the affair with gourmet food.
OOther games like non-stop nonsense, passing the parcel, dumb charades can also be played.
2.     Run into the New Year. Get an early start on your New Year’s resolution to get fit, and join one of the many fun runs beginning at around 11:45 p.m., New Year’s Eve. Many lounges, night clubs and resorts organize Gala nights to welcome the New Year with full zest, get their passes before it gets too late.
3.     Organize a simple late night party at your farm house and hire some folk dancers and musicians to give the night a cultural look.  A dance floor can also be put down there to make the night groovy.
4.     Theme parties can be organized.  Some of the best themes are- Mask, Jungle, Cartoon, Bollywood, Different states of India and Halloween.
A party with a theme of GO GREEN can also be organized at your place or in some open area. On the last day of the year, invite your friends to be with you to sow a seed and then celebrate the last night of the year with the saplings.
5.      A beautiful tempting cake in the party can be made a reason to take a New Year resolution. Decorate the cake with candles and ask everyone to keep a resolution in mind and blow the candles. Make a list of the wishes on a separate paper with the names of the resolution taker and keep that list safe with someone to tally whether they could be able to complete that resolution or not the next year!!!
You may also share your Ideas with us.

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