Spend the weekEND with a blEND!!!

The most waited days of the week- Saturday and Sunday are on the calendars again. And if you are in Jaipur city… you have so many ‘options’ with you. Jaipur city has ‘everything’ for ‘everyone’. Big shopping malls, cafes, night clubs, amusement parks, resorts, multiplexes are to name a few.  

In the day time, you can go to have the sips of coffee with your friends. Bana’s coffee shop near Mr. Beans, C-Scheme serves the best coffee in Jaipur.  Or how about giving a crunchy start to your day??? If you do not mind a snack early in the morning you can get a Kachori near the panch batti circle or at the Rawat Misthan Bhandar.

If want to go out with family then nothings best than resorts.  Swapanlok, Kanchan Kesari, Nandan Resorts, Parilok are some of the many.
Those with the third eye can’t resist themselves from capturing the royal and elegant forts of Pink City. The beautiful pink city with its forts, gardens and markets is a best option for the photography lovers.

Hot beds of cultural activities: Jawahar Kala Kendra and Ravindra Manch. At Jawahar Kala Kendra there might be a mela on. You can visit the museums and the art galleries too. More often than not there are painting exhibitions and plays being put up during the course of the day. Another such venue is the Ravindra Manch and the open air theater there.

Numbers of malls are increasing in Jaipur like wild mushrooms day by day. City Pulse, Metropolitan Malls, Crystal Palm, Crystal Court, Silver Square, Mall 21, Hypercity, Vaibhav Mall, Triton are the names of the most visited ones.
And nothing can beat the multiplexes provided the currently showing movie is good. 


Buzzing Jaipur

There were time when the only reasons Jaipur was visited were Tourism and Shopping, Strictly in this order. As times changed so does the option. People realized there was more to Jaipur then mere heritage building and shops. The culinary delights, those historical hotels and even the cinema halls were enough excuses to plan a trip to Jaipur.
Now observe the Jaipur of last 45 days and you would wonder whether this is actually the place we all knew as Pink City. Cultural nights at Diggi Palace, Jaipur Heritage International Festival, Jaipur Literature Festival, Jaipur Marathon, Stone Mart and now Jaipur International Film Festival. Jaipur is simply buzzing with action.
It is now safe to say this is the next version of Jaipur. Ladies and Gentlemen you are now witnessing Jaipur 2.0 for sure. This city has safely left behind its reputation of heritage tourist city. This city takes Page 3 and glamour to next level. The glamour clubbed with heritage is a deadly combination. Jaipur beats every city in that department.
JLF has now comfortably brought Jaipur to the world literary map. The international flow of guests ensured that Literature Tourism is the next big thing in times to come. Looking at the sheer size of JLF this year, the next year looks even much bigger and brutal.
The hue and cry at Rambagh Palace drinks party, the camouflaged methods to serve liquor and conservative dresses are now rested totally now. Jaipur does every thing out in the open with social acceptance.
Stay tuned to Jaipur Beat to experience the actual Beats. 

Jaipur Literature Festival is place to be !!!

While going towards Diggi Palace from Sawai Ram Singh road when you are not allowed to take your car inside the lane, you immediately realize things have changed drastically at Jaipur Literature Festival. Being a regular visitor of all its previous editions, it was indeed a surprise to see large number of cars being parked at the make shift parking for JLF.
Jaipur Literature Festival today claims to be one of the leading Lit-fest in the country. As Tina Brown puts it “ the greatest literary show on earth” To see large of foreign writers/publishers at the festival clearly implies the market potential of JLF. New York times puts it as “In only five years, Jaipur has become official annual celebration of a vibrant and resurgent Indian and South Asian literary scene.”
A concept that started in one hall with just 14 guests in 2005 has now spread across entire Diggi Palace. It was heartening to see all the lawns/halls/tents and even make shift halls full with book lovers. The sizeable number of stalls of various products also indicates the commercial success of the festival.
Its not just the literature that’s in offering at JLF. The festival today has become a major Page 3 event that also contributes as source of fashion statement for its visitors. The rich aroma of seed coffee mixed with wine and brownie makes one really wonder whether we are actually in Jaipur.
JLF today allow the celebrities, authors, intellectuals and even the school kids to rub the shoulder with each other. The media and shutterbugs can be seen making the most out of a story at JLF.
After the full day of literature and wine, the JLF provides top class musical performance at night. For any music lovers its essential to witness these great musical performances.

 One thing is absolutely clear ; the JLF 2012 would be a much bigger and larger event. Is Diggi Palace prepared for it ??


Faith and Blind Faith

Rallies raising awareness about the abilities of the persons with disabilities has become an annual event in major cities of the country. “Car rally for the Blind” is the name of the rally which is going to take place in our city, Jaipur on 16th January, 2011 (Sunday) under Jaipur Heritage International Festival. This rally has been approved by FMSCI (Federation of Motor Sport Club of India).
The rules of normal traffic driving would be followed during the rally.
This unique car rally in which the sighted driver virtually becomes “blind” and his blind navigator becomes “sighted” works on the format called Time Distance and Speed (TDS format). Every time we help the blind cross the road, they put their ‘faith’ in us and the Blind Car rally is designed to ask us to put our ‘blind faith’ in their ‘navigational skills’ … using a Braille navigation chart. The tulip chart (driving instructions chart) is given in Braille which a sighted person cannot read. So the blind navigator reads out the instructions on the speed, directions, etc which guides the car through the streets of city to the finish.
There’ll be usually 3-4 people in each car, the driver, the blind navigator, the time keeper and sometimes, one more person who plays the role of the writer. The roles of the Driver, Blind Navigator, and Time keeper are pretty clear. The role of a writer is to write down all the instructions as they are read out by the blind and pass it on to the sighted navigator.
Eminent people from various streams of the city are participating in the innovative rally. It is proposed that a total of 40 to 45 cars will be participating in this rally. These cars will be decorated with stickers giving the messages and the names of sponsors.
The main objectives of this rally are:
  1. Bringing in awareness in the community about the abilities of the disabled people in their efforts towards social inclusion.
  2. Increase awareness and bring attitudinal change regarding people with disability in the community in and around Jaipur and other parts of the state and facilitate the creation of an enabling environment in the state.
Rally has been organized with the support of individuals, organizations engaged in making the life of persons with disability a life with dignity and respect where society accepts them as a human being considering their abilities. The technical support for the rally organization is from the motor sports club senior members lead by Mr. Sanjay Sankhla who have experience and zeal for organizing such events in past. Sightsavers and Eye Bank Society of Rajasthan along with individuals and organizations are coordinating the rally. Various organizations of blind people would also be participating in the event.
This drive of approximately 3-4 hour through the major roads and by lanes of the city will forge a unique bond between the drivers and their navigators.
Stay connected with Jaipur Beat and Jaipur: News & Views to get the thrilling actions of the rally LIVE!!!