Faith and Blind Faith

Rallies raising awareness about the abilities of the persons with disabilities has become an annual event in major cities of the country. “Car rally for the Blind” is the name of the rally which is going to take place in our city, Jaipur on 16th January, 2011 (Sunday) under Jaipur Heritage International Festival. This rally has been approved by FMSCI (Federation of Motor Sport Club of India).
The rules of normal traffic driving would be followed during the rally.
This unique car rally in which the sighted driver virtually becomes “blind” and his blind navigator becomes “sighted” works on the format called Time Distance and Speed (TDS format). Every time we help the blind cross the road, they put their ‘faith’ in us and the Blind Car rally is designed to ask us to put our ‘blind faith’ in their ‘navigational skills’ … using a Braille navigation chart. The tulip chart (driving instructions chart) is given in Braille which a sighted person cannot read. So the blind navigator reads out the instructions on the speed, directions, etc which guides the car through the streets of city to the finish.
There’ll be usually 3-4 people in each car, the driver, the blind navigator, the time keeper and sometimes, one more person who plays the role of the writer. The roles of the Driver, Blind Navigator, and Time keeper are pretty clear. The role of a writer is to write down all the instructions as they are read out by the blind and pass it on to the sighted navigator.
Eminent people from various streams of the city are participating in the innovative rally. It is proposed that a total of 40 to 45 cars will be participating in this rally. These cars will be decorated with stickers giving the messages and the names of sponsors.
The main objectives of this rally are:
  1. Bringing in awareness in the community about the abilities of the disabled people in their efforts towards social inclusion.
  2. Increase awareness and bring attitudinal change regarding people with disability in the community in and around Jaipur and other parts of the state and facilitate the creation of an enabling environment in the state.
Rally has been organized with the support of individuals, organizations engaged in making the life of persons with disability a life with dignity and respect where society accepts them as a human being considering their abilities. The technical support for the rally organization is from the motor sports club senior members lead by Mr. Sanjay Sankhla who have experience and zeal for organizing such events in past. Sightsavers and Eye Bank Society of Rajasthan along with individuals and organizations are coordinating the rally. Various organizations of blind people would also be participating in the event.
This drive of approximately 3-4 hour through the major roads and by lanes of the city will forge a unique bond between the drivers and their navigators.
Stay connected with Jaipur Beat and Jaipur: News & Views to get the thrilling actions of the rally LIVE!!! 

One Comment

  1. mrfixit

    A great effort for social awareness…..its indeed amazing to watch the visually impaired read the tulip professionally…all the 45 cars which were flagged off made it to the end in good time…only very few missed one time control on the way..this shows the efficiency of the navigator….Thanx to Himalayan motorsport Association for lending the full support in technical part of this event….

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