Jaipur Literature Festival is place to be !!!

While going towards Diggi Palace from Sawai Ram Singh road when you are not allowed to take your car inside the lane, you immediately realize things have changed drastically at Jaipur Literature Festival. Being a regular visitor of all its previous editions, it was indeed a surprise to see large number of cars being parked at the make shift parking for JLF.
Jaipur Literature Festival today claims to be one of the leading Lit-fest in the country. As Tina Brown puts it “ the greatest literary show on earth” To see large of foreign writers/publishers at the festival clearly implies the market potential of JLF. New York times puts it as “In only five years, Jaipur has become official annual celebration of a vibrant and resurgent Indian and South Asian literary scene.”
A concept that started in one hall with just 14 guests in 2005 has now spread across entire Diggi Palace. It was heartening to see all the lawns/halls/tents and even make shift halls full with book lovers. The sizeable number of stalls of various products also indicates the commercial success of the festival.
Its not just the literature that’s in offering at JLF. The festival today has become a major Page 3 event that also contributes as source of fashion statement for its visitors. The rich aroma of seed coffee mixed with wine and brownie makes one really wonder whether we are actually in Jaipur.
JLF today allow the celebrities, authors, intellectuals and even the school kids to rub the shoulder with each other. The media and shutterbugs can be seen making the most out of a story at JLF.
After the full day of literature and wine, the JLF provides top class musical performance at night. For any music lovers its essential to witness these great musical performances.

 One thing is absolutely clear ; the JLF 2012 would be a much bigger and larger event. Is Diggi Palace prepared for it ??

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