Buzzing Jaipur

There were time when the only reasons Jaipur was visited were Tourism and Shopping, Strictly in this order. As times changed so does the option. People realized there was more to Jaipur then mere heritage building and shops. The culinary delights, those historical hotels and even the cinema halls were enough excuses to plan a trip to Jaipur.
Now observe the Jaipur of last 45 days and you would wonder whether this is actually the place we all knew as Pink City. Cultural nights at Diggi Palace, Jaipur Heritage International Festival, Jaipur Literature Festival, Jaipur Marathon, Stone Mart and now Jaipur International Film Festival. Jaipur is simply buzzing with action.
It is now safe to say this is the next version of Jaipur. Ladies and Gentlemen you are now witnessing Jaipur 2.0 for sure. This city has safely left behind its reputation of heritage tourist city. This city takes Page 3 and glamour to next level. The glamour clubbed with heritage is a deadly combination. Jaipur beats every city in that department.
JLF has now comfortably brought Jaipur to the world literary map. The international flow of guests ensured that Literature Tourism is the next big thing in times to come. Looking at the sheer size of JLF this year, the next year looks even much bigger and brutal.
The hue and cry at Rambagh Palace drinks party, the camouflaged methods to serve liquor and conservative dresses are now rested totally now. Jaipur does every thing out in the open with social acceptance.
Stay tuned to Jaipur Beat to experience the actual Beats. 

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