Spend the weekEND with a blEND!!!

The most waited days of the week- Saturday and Sunday are on the calendars again. And if you are in Jaipur city… you have so many ‘options’ with you. Jaipur city has ‘everything’ for ‘everyone’. Big shopping malls, cafes, night clubs, amusement parks, resorts, multiplexes are to name a few.  

In the day time, you can go to have the sips of coffee with your friends. Bana’s coffee shop near Mr. Beans, C-Scheme serves the best coffee in Jaipur.  Or how about giving a crunchy start to your day??? If you do not mind a snack early in the morning you can get a Kachori near the panch batti circle or at the Rawat Misthan Bhandar.

If want to go out with family then nothings best than resorts.  Swapanlok, Kanchan Kesari, Nandan Resorts, Parilok are some of the many.
Those with the third eye can’t resist themselves from capturing the royal and elegant forts of Pink City. The beautiful pink city with its forts, gardens and markets is a best option for the photography lovers.

Hot beds of cultural activities: Jawahar Kala Kendra and Ravindra Manch. At Jawahar Kala Kendra there might be a mela on. You can visit the museums and the art galleries too. More often than not there are painting exhibitions and plays being put up during the course of the day. Another such venue is the Ravindra Manch and the open air theater there.

Numbers of malls are increasing in Jaipur like wild mushrooms day by day. City Pulse, Metropolitan Malls, Crystal Palm, Crystal Court, Silver Square, Mall 21, Hypercity, Vaibhav Mall, Triton are the names of the most visited ones.
And nothing can beat the multiplexes provided the currently showing movie is good. 

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