Quit Smoking by helping Others! Sounds Backward but Really Works.

“Do as I say, not as I do.” How many times have you heard that? 
How many times have you said that?

Everyone gives advice to others. It’s easy to give advice,  whether people ask for it or not. Everyone has an opinion and their own ideas about how something should be done. I bet you’ve heard it from lots of people: “Quitting smoking is easy. Just  quit,” or something equally as ineffective.

Advice from non-smokers on how to quit will probably not help you. In fact, you may find that advice from anyone, including other smokers who have quit successfully, doesn’t help you. If you just aren’t motivated by advice from others, try *helping * others, instead.

It may sound backwards, but how many times have you been able to see the “true” situation and solution in someone else’s life, while they just could not see it? Perhaps, that’s why giving advice to other people is so easy. As a disinterested third party, you can evaluate a situation or problem from a logical, 
unemotional (yes, I’m a man) and detached perspective. It’s easy to see how to get out of the maze, when you’re looking at the maze from the outside. Ever watch a rat trying to get out of a laboratory maze? You immediately see the way, but the rat must search blindly, because he can only see the walls around him.

The same can be true when you begin to help others quit smoking. By evaluating someone else’s smoking, and their quest to quit, you can quickly see solutions to the other person’s problem as well as yours J

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