Jaipur, A Shopping Spree !!!

Jaipur is a city of vibrant colors and markets (bazaars) of Jaipur verify this fact. Jaipur’s colorful markets offer a great deal of stuffs for a complete delight. How many times has it happened, you went out and couldn’t stop your self from spending on those beautiful hanging dupattas or bangles or may be the home décor stuff.  . While moving through the markets, you will come across the vivacious culture of this region. Jaipur is the perfect place to shop for Handicrafts, antiques, jewelry, gems, pottery, carpets, textiles, metalwork and leather ware. 

In Jaipur, there are many markets to present you the art and craft of Rajasthan. Kishanpol Bazar, Haldiyon Ka Rasta, Maniharon Ka Rasta, M.I. Road, Jauhari Bazar, Bapu Bazar, Nehru Bazaar are the main markets of Jaipur. Jauhari bazaar glitters with jewelries embedded with precious stones and gems. Moreover, one can also get ethnic saris and dress materials from this shopping market. Bapu Bazaar and Nehru Bazaar are ideal for shopping special shoes made out of camel skin. Others include textiles, local scents and perfumes besides bags and belts. M.I. Road market provides you with ethnic kundan jewelry, earthen potteries, brass articles and excellent wood articles. If you are looking for beautiful and cheap ornaments like colorful bangles, then step into the Tripolia Bazaar and Chaura Rasta market place.  One cannot define in words, the assortment of products, which these markets offer. This colorful city really gives an actual experience of delighting shopping. Shopping is really an electrifying activity in Jaipur. If you don’t visit these markets of Jaipur, you will be definitely at amiss. A shopping spree in Jaipur’s markets is an absolute fun. How many of you agree that there is no place other than Jaipur to give such satisfaction and delight in Shopping. From the most exclusive designer stores to market stalls, there is something for everyone.

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