The Oscars in Jaipur

While the world discusses the five senses, Jaipur is all ready to sync with its ‘sixth sense’ – its unparalleled love towards food. Jaipur is a favourite place to eat. The food here is varied and rich. From the Chaat of link road to the local & international cuisines that the restaurants of the city have mastered…one has got no dearth of choices for a die-hard foodie here.

As more and more people from all over the world are coming to Jaipur, to live and work, they all look for the places where they can find the tastes of home, and the best food for all types. This is where the Times Food Guide comes in; giving the best food options that Jaipur has to offer. This guide is designed to help them.

Times Food Guide Jaipur 2012, authored by Dharmendra Kanwar makes life easy because you can just flip through them and decide on a place to go. What is more appreciated about this guide is the fact that it recognise even the smallest of places – a really popular dhaba or a small joint that makes it to the guide adds a whole lot of quality to the way we eat out or party.The launch of the Times Food Guide 2012 is an event that Jaipur’s foodies and the city’s social circuit is eagerly waiting for, because there’s no better food, no better crowd, and certainly no better way to discover the best food that city has to offer!

This launch party is going to be the highlight of the Jaipur’s social calendar.The evening will see the top culinary talents from across the city in the different food categories being awarded – there will be 22 awards in 15 categories. Times Food Guide 2012 gives you the opportunity to make choices. It’s about variety. Going out will be much more easier now with lot many options in the hands.

Meanwhile, the Times Food Guide 2012, published by Times Group Books, has hit the stands. Time to get it now!

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