Jaipurites bid adieu to hookahs!!!

One thing that today’s youth mandatorily need to strike a conversation is hookahs.

Restaurants, lounges or coffee shops are often the witnesses to the sight, where youth are seen spending fun moments with their pals, passing hookah pipe through a circle of friends.

But alas! From today hookahs have been banned in the city.

Jaipur Police imposed bans on ‘hookah bars’ stating that they were serving tobacco molasses containing nicotine which is injurious to health of the people, affecting youngsters especially college students and youth.

Bars, which would serve hookah and remain jam-packed with teenagers, from now on, will wear a deserted look. While the decision certainly disappoints Gen Y, parents and schools have heaved a sigh of relief..

This step might just divert their future on the right path but the question which arises is… Why is today’s youth just glued to hookahs ?

Is it probably because they are unwilling to commit, and hookah is a happy medium. Risky enough to be considered fun, but safe enough to easily leave behind.  Today’s twenty something’s are free moving, and if the hookah is ready to be smoked, they’ll flock right to it.

Whatever the reason might be , the ringing sounds of “Bombay pan masala, mint, green apple ” have ceased for a while !!!

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