Charismatic sessions at Jaipur Literature Festival- Day 2

If you have ever witnessed “bee swarming over honey” then it won’t be too difficult for you to draw similarity between them and masses pouring in at Diggi palace during the second day of Jaipur Literature Festival.

Today’s session started with Chetan Bhagat in conversation with John Elliot ‘In search of a Story’ inside Mughal Tent. His session in Mughal tent was a jam packed one with not just the youth congregating to listen but people from all the age groups flocked in! Radical changes in thought process were something he emphasized with a lot of zeal. He also remarked that Anna movement has created awareness about good values. In his words, “Freedom of expression leads to emancipation of human kind”. Over criticism on the standard of language of his books he said, “My books are used in tribal areas to teach English, drivers read my books to learn English to get a better job. If that is not literature I am happy not to be literate to ink literature.

Steven Pinker session ‘The better Angels of Our Nature: A decline of violence in History’ introduced by Barkha Dutt, accentuated the fact that violence is ebbing.

In this meanwhile, we caught Suhel Seth, the writer and the marketing guru enjoying Sula and ‘aloo ka paratha’ from a school kid’s lunch box! 🙂

Lyricist Gulzar’s session ‘Suno, Suno Ek Kahani’ was supposed to be held at the Rio Tinto Samwad area but because of the huge crowd venue was changed to Front Lawn yet the stampede to be a part of his oratorical journey was at its zenith.

Another session of ‘Love Stories’ was in conversation with Namita Gokhle, Pavan Verma, Prasoon Joshi and Gulzar. Some excerpts-

Sirf ehsaas hai yeh rooh se mehsoos karo, pyaar ko pyaar he rehne do koi naam na do “, ‎”Sabhi ne zindagi chulhe pe rakhi hai, na pakti hai na jalti hai‎” lines quoted by Gulzar Sahab and “Taar pe jhulte kapde mera pyaar hai, mera adhikaar hai ya ek dhaaga vivash ka” by Prasoon Joshi at “Love Stories” session were the phenomenal highlights of the day.

Few minutes after this session a book on ‘Hadauti- The unexplored Rajasthan’ was launched by Ms. Bina Kak, Minister of Tourism. Unfortunately the author Dharmendra Kanwar was not present on the occasion.

Many other prominent fellows were also seen at Jaipur Literature Festival

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Sunday at Diggi Palace seems even more happening with Oprah Winfrey, the most influential American, all set to lit up the “PINK CITY”



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