15th Bird festival kicks off from February 2

The day is not far when state bird Godavan (Great Indian Busterd) would be seen only in books. In the absence of conservation and necessary policies, Godavan is becoming an endangered species.

This time 15th bird festival is dedicated to Godavan. Tourism and Wildlife Society Of India (TWSI) is organising this fest on 2nd and 3rd February at Mansagar Lake. The fest will include the discussion on Godavan and works related to its conservation.

Absence of grassland

Absence of grassland and healthy environment is the major reason behind the declined numbers of Godavan. According to Secretary of TWSI, Harshwardhan, Godavan lives in grassy areas and after regular development in the state, many grassy areas got extinct. Another reason is that their eggs get destroyed in the rest of grass fields due to the shepherds. Even today people hunt for Godavan.

Meeting held at Delhi

Earlier, two days meeting was held at Delhi in November 2011 to discuss reasons of decrease in the numbers of Godavan. Ministry of Environment and Forest, WWF, MNHS and WLII expressed their worry in the meeting. The draft was prepared in meeting, on the works to be done in this direction.

India has only 200

State                                 in year 1980                        Present
Rajasthan                           500                                       80-100
Andhra Pradesh                80-100                                35-40
Maharashtra                     60                                          20-25
Karnatka                            20-30                                   less than 20
Madhya Pradesh               30-35                                   less than 5
Gujrat                                 50                                         30



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