Jaipurite, Rajat Chauhan, wins silver in archery !

Jaipur boy, Rajat Chauhan, on Saturday won silver medal in the Asian Grand Pre-2012 Archery Competition, which is going on at Thailand’s capital Bangkok. Apart from Rajat, silver medal winner in Common Wealth Games, Citty Boma Jignas has also won a medal for India.

This is Rajat’s first international tournament. On Saturday, Compound Archery’s final was held. Both Jignas and Chauhan struck perfectly on targets, scoring 144 out of 150 points. With the both tied together on the same point, were given one more chance to hit the target. Jignas hit the bull’s eye, where as Chauhan missed the target by a whisker.

However, technically both had scored 10 points, but Jignass was given the gold because of him hitting the bull’s eye.  On the other hand, India’s Vipul missed the bronze medal by a solitary point.



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