Rajasthan calling festival to be held in Kerala

Rajasthan Calling Festival, aimed at attracting domestic tourists from Kerala, will be held by Rajasthan Tourism department  from February 24.

The three-day festival to be held at Sree Moolam Club is part of the Rajasthan Tourism’s domestic tourism promotion campaign being held in 22 major cities in the country, Usha Sharma, Principal Secretary and Commissioner, Department of Tourism, Rajasthan, said.

‘With 13.78 lakh foreign tourists and 255 lakh domestic tourist arrivals in the year 2010, Rajasthan is easily one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in India,’ she said.

‘The State’s popularity is primarily owing to its incredible tourism products: its rich heritage, its forts, palaces, lakes, colourful and lively fairs and festivals, golden sand dunes and rich wild life, add to that the adventure sports, wellness tourism, handicrafts, shopping, among other pullers,’ Ms Sharma.

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