Cricket Match by RCTA and C & C in Jaipur!

Here we go again…. nets are up and running as the count- down to the new season officially begins.

RCTA & Communication & Computers are all set for cricket match tomorrow!

Cricket has gone much beyond being just a gentleman’s game and has achieved much fan following and popularity around the world and Jaipurites love for cricket is no less…..!!

Cricket fever is already in the air as evident from today’s news clip  (Players of Rajasthan Royals are already in Jaipur for their practice sessions).

To add more zest in this season Rajasthan Computers Traders Association together with C & C Cricket has decided to organize an exciting one day cricket match on 4th March 2012, where two matches of 20-20 overs will be played.


This is not the first time but in 2011 also, RCTA successfully organized one such kind of a match.

As per Mr. Manish Mittal ; Team Coordinator RCTA  event committee; there are four Teams in the name of Team Sponsors –Quick-Heal-NCS, Canon, Tally-Priyam Infosystems and Kaspersky-Aadhar Infonet. The team players were chosen from Vendors/Distributors and members.  Two matches each will be played between two of the four teams . Two winner teams will be  awarded with DIGISOL  CUP.  Various awards such as Man of the Match; Best Bowler; Best Fielder and best Batsman will  also announced for both matches. Other sponsors are : Microsoft-Lunch;Unistal & Epson: Soft Drinks; Ncomputing: Players prizes.

According to Mr. Kailash Gupta , President RCTA; such events create strong bonding among all members, vendors and distributors . This is successive event by RCTA  and will be held every year. RCTA is also planning to do Inter Association Cricket Matches and Inter- Trade Cricket Matches in near future to create bonding among all Rajasthan associations and customer verticals.

A beautiful spring Sunday is going to see many members of RCTA with family & friends, who will sit back, watch, cheer and enjoy the cricket match!

Watch out for the friendly & delightful event!

Event Details 

Date- : 4th March 2012,

Venue : S. J. Public School, Jaipur

Registration: Time : 09.00 AM

Toss Time : 09.15 AM

First Match: Team A vs. Team B at : 09.30 AM

Lunch Break

Second Match: Team C vs. Team D at: 1.30 PM

Prize Distribution : 5.00 PM

Jaipur Beat wishes all the four teams to perform their best & let the passion for cricket just goes on!!

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