Jaipur on top in Women oppression cases

Preceding the celebration of Women’s day in the state, one news has gained a lot of attention.

The cases of women oppression have increased in Jaipur in the past few years. If the figures are to be believed since April 2011 to 6th march 2012 there are about 16007 cases of women oppression have been registered in the different districts of the state.

There are 1557 cases registered in different police stations of Jaipur alone. There is an increase in the cases are seen in the past one year.

It is to be noted that the incidents of women oppression have increased so much in Jaipur that it has become number one place where these cases takes place the most. The western area of Jaipur has witnessed the increase of around 32.98 percent in women oppression. In 2011-2012 the cases registered are 250 cases and in 2010-2011 the cases were 188. Apart from this in north Jaipur the cases are 304, in south it is 264, east 363 cases have been registered. Jaipur villages the cases are 376.



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