3rd Raj Car Rally with Visually Challenged persons on 11th March

Raj Car Rally with visually challenged persons has now become an annual event in Jaipur, contributing towards raising awareness about the abilities of the persons with disabilities.

Sightsavers and the Eye Bank Society of Rajasthan every year organizes a motorsport rally with a difference; blind and visually impaired navigators will direct sighted drivers around the bustling streets of Jaipur!

Visually impaired people from all over the state will join prominent local personalities in the cockpit to take part in The Raj Car Rally with Visually Impaired Persons.

The rally will not only help in showcasing the potentials of the visually impaired persons and their talents but also demonstrate the solidarity from the citizens of jaipur.

This will lead to social inclusion of the navigators since all drivers and their family members too would become aware of the abilities of persons with visual impairment.

This drive of approximately 3-4 hour through the major roads and by lanes of the city will forge a unique bond between the drivers & their navigators.

Competing in teams of four, local personalities will take the wheel accompanied by a time keeper and writer, but the most important job will be of the visually impaired navigator.

Driving instructions will only be given in Braille, so it is up to the navigators to ensure the drivers know when to speed up, slow down, turn the right way and ensure their team crossed the finish line.


This year event is organized with added enthusiasm, new energy , passion, fresh ideas and of course, number of cars as well!

Technical support of the Rally will be provided by Himalyan Motor Sports Club & S/S Sanjay Sankhala and Prof. Shekhar Verma & Group.

Event is scheduled for tomorrow 11th March 2012!

The Rally will start from Jai Club at 07:30 AM and will end at Desert Trail, Kukas. 

Keep an eye on this blog to capture the information and excitement of the rally.

Event Details-https://www.facebook.com/events/236705203090707/

To know more about the Raj Car Rally 2010 and 2011 please visit rajcarrally.blogspot.com.

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