Looks like we are in for good times again! Come Thursday and the city will witness “Tagorenama in Jaipur”. On March 22 and 23, three events, which are a part of danseuse Mallika Sarabhai’s Tagorenama, will be performed at JKK.

On March 22 the play With Love will see Sarabhai  and Australian director Steve Mayer- Miller create Tagore as he paints, ponders and battles personal demons. Celebrated actor Tom Alter plays Tagore.

The next day, on March 23, the city will see Ritu Chakra and Street of Voices. In Ritu Chakra, Australian choreographer Liz Lea, Revanta and Anahita Sarabhai have created a full evening of dance to Tagore’s cycle of seasons, reinterpreted in contemporary fashion. This will be followed by Street of Voices by Scottish puppetry expert Symon Macintyre depicting short stories using puppets, dancers, actors, film and the real stories of today’s Indian women.

The shows will be performed at 7:30 pm on both days and the entry is free.

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