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Mint: Cheers to Healthy Living!

The Cool Herb

With its distinct aroma, pleasing flavor, cool sensation and medicinal qualities, mint is among the most versatile plants in the herbal kingdom.

In hot summer days, a glass of cold water with lime and a dash of mint in it can be very soothing and cooling

A teaspoonful of mint juice can help get back your healthy appetite.Packed with vitamins and essential minerals, mint helps us to increase resistance against many diseases and maintain a healthy body

A cupful of mint tea in the morning gives you a refreshing start to the day. It helps in digestion if taken after heavy meals..

Minted Iced Tea

This one’s becomes more refreshing the higher the temperature. The key here is to be very generous with the mint leaves. No matter how many you use, you will not create an overpowering mint flavor because you’re pouring minted water over ice and diluting it. So, be generous. Use lots of mint.


  • 15-20 leaves of fresh mint, additional ones for garnish
  • 3 cups boiling water
  • 2 cups of ice
  • slice of lemon or lime (optional)


  1. Bring the water to a boil.
  2. Meanwhile, tear the mint leaves into halves and put into a teapot (or other pot that can be covered).
  3. Pour boiling water over the leaves and cover for 8-10 minutes.
  4. Fill 2 drinking glasses 3/4 full of ice. Pour the hot, minted water over the ice. Garnish with lemon and fresh mint leaves and serve.

Cheers to good health!

Rajasthan events

Rajasthan Fashion Week

Fashion industry is turning out once again to roll out red carpet for the first edition of Rajasthan Fashion Week (RFW 2012).

The three-day fashion extravaganza will start in Jaipur on May 24 till May26, 2012  at the prestigious Marriott, Jaipur, where as many as 30 national and international designers along with 40 top and super models will participate, designers like Shaahid Amir, Rohit Verma, Lina Tipnis, Poonam Patel, Shilpa Marigold, will showcase their collections. India’s top listed Choreographer Achla Sachdev is taking the lead to provide phenomenal Extravaganza on the Ramp of RFW 2012.

Jaipur being one of the favorite hubs for textile and craft serves the Indian as well as International fashion fraternity with a world class platform to interact with each other. Thus the Rajasthan Fashion Week in Jaipur would be instrumental in promoting the best of fashion design talent from across the country. This event in the Pink City will bring together almost everybody linked to the fashion industry – from models, top designers to choreographers and makeup artists to the fashion connoisseurs.


Rajasthan tourism

Jaipur-Bhopal Express to stop at Bandanwada station

In view of public demand, railway authorities have decided to provide a temporary halt of Jaipur-Bhopal Express at Bandanwada railway station on Ajmer-Bhilwara section for the next six months, railway sources said on Tuesday.

  “The 19711 and 19712 Jaipur-Bhopal Express will stop at Bandanwada station for two minutes from May 1 to October 31,” Western Railways Public Relations Officer Pradip Sharma said. The train will arrive at Bandanwada station at 1720 hrs while the return train will arrive at 2122 hrs, the sources said.

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On the occasion of the World Heritage Day today the Jaipur Chapter of Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage (INTACH) organized a painting event for school children. Almost 200 children from Saint Xavier and Neerja Modi schools came to the Albert Hall for 2 hours in the morning.

They attempted to sketch and paint the Albert Hall Museum. Some students also painted and sketched other heritage monuments. Later, INTACH will organized a exhibition of the work done by the students today. The participating students were also given away certificates.

On the occasion of World Heritage Day Children painting at the Albert Hall in Jaipur

On the occasion of World Heritage Day Children painting at the Albert Hall in Jaipur

The superident of the Albert Hall Museum, Mr. Rakesh Chholak and the co-convener of Jaipur chapter of INTACH, Mr. Nikhil Pandit was present with the students. The convener of the Jaipur Chapter, Ms. Dharmendra Kanwar said that the event had been organized to create a awareness among the children. She said more such events will be organized in the future.