Month: June 2012

Serving water to the thirsty!

It is said that the best charity is giving food to the hungry and water to the thirsty. The latter is especially true in the hot summer months, when a parched throat can make life feel miserable, and nothing is more welcome than a glass of cool water. All over Jaipur, there are many people who […]


City Hotels Celebrating Mango Mania!

Come summer and it is time to savor mangoes. Succulent, fleshy, juicy and sweet, this seasonal fruit adds flavor to the otherwise sultry, long and hot summers. Keeping this popular sentiment in mind, hotels and restaurants in Jaipur are hosting Mango Festivals to celebrate the season with the ‘King of fruits’. The Mango Mania at […]


Quench your thirst at Lassiwala

Ah! What if you been to Jaipur and not tasted its famous Lassi, Lassiwale ki Lassi. The Lassi wali ki shop at MI Road is the oldest and famous Lassi shops of the city. “The Lassiwala”  Kishanlal Govind Narayan Agarwal  at Panch Batti Chowk, MI Road is a well known face here or say an institution in Jaipur. He […]