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Gift Ideas for brothers!

With brothers becoming more and more selective and choosy these days, deciding a Rakhi gift for them has become a difficult task for sisters. However, by putting in a little thought and consideration about your brother’s choice, one may decide a perfect Rakhi gift for brothers.


1. For Trendy Brothers: 
For brothers who love to sport a style statement, gift options are endless. One can go in for grooming kits, fancy goggles, mobile cases, deodorants, perfumes, watches and belts.

2. For Elder and Sober Brothers:
For elder brothers, an executive shirt will be good Rakhi gift idea. Select the fabric, pattern and colour of his choice and gift him a formal outfit. Organizers, portfolio bags, designer pens, ties and cuff links are other ideas you can try.

3. For Studious Brothers
For brothers who are studying in school and college, you can gift things that will be of benefit to them. How about a good reference book, some nice novels, trendy satchels or interesting CDs?

4. For Married Brothers
If your brother is married, you can go in for household gifts like nice paintings, some crockery items, traditional Raksha Bandhan Gifts like box of sweets, dry fruits or chocolates, or a couple package to treat you bhabhi as well.

5. For Kid Brothers
Pamper your kid brother with some games or games CDs. Get some toys like cars or those representing their favourite cartoon characters. Chocolates, candies and other confectionery items will be relished by them.

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Gardening during Monsoon

Monsoon is the best season for planting, and also for preparing the existing plants for taking in the full pleasure of nourishment. Planting trees at this time reduces much of your labour on their establishment and maintenance. All sizes of trees and shrubs can be planted during the rainy season if you give careful attention to watering. The best way to welcome monsoon is planting trees and preparing the existing plants for nourishment. Here are some favoured plants for monsoon gardening:

1. Yellow Bladderwort (Utricularia stellaris): These insectivorous plants grow catchy yellow flowers, capture tiny insects and animals in the bladder and digest them.

2.  Dew Flower (Commelina benghalensis): This lovely plant bears flowers that have two, shiny dark blue petals. The entire flower is enclosed in a green sheath, with only two petals protruding out. There are various species of this plant; a few have yellow or orange-purple petals.
3. Monsoon Cassia (Cassia tora): These plants can cover any extra patches in your garden. The pale yellow petals are set against the leaves.
4. Hill Turmeric (Curcuma pseudomontana): These plants grow along the ground and the small flowers that emerge from between the broad leaves are a pretty sight to see. The flowers grow in various hues including mauve-purple, yellow, rose, crimson and red. This is certainly one of the top monsoon plants for your garden.

Even though all the above tips are very easy to follow and they are very well known to everybody, due to lack of time and energy many cannot exactly follow them. Once we practice in the proper way, it will become our routine then. Try to grow a rose plant. One day if you happened to see the first rose blooming in that plant, you will feel that happiness of gardening definitely. Then, you will start to plant some small plants which may be of some use to your kitchen. This will give you a complete happiness. Don’t forget to use natural manure. Try to avoid more use of chemicals to nurture the plants. Plant more trees and shrubs, in organic way. Enjoy Gardening!

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Let’s Play Safe during Monsoon!

The rains are here to stay for a while and so is the mood for hot, spicy snacks. Street food like pani-puri, bhel-puri and sandwiches may tempt you, but these are foods that you simply must stay away from in the monsoons.


This is because monsoon is the time for germs and bacteria which thrive in the unhygienic roadside eateries. As a rule you should avoid eating raw foods during the rains, refrigerate leftovers immediately, wash the vegetables used to make salads thoroughly and clean leafy vegetables with care. Above all, try to keep eating out during the monsoons at an absolute minimal.

Instead enjoy roasted corn, homemade Pakoras or drink hot soups.

Roasted Corn is especially delicious when you add spices to the ear of corn after roasting it. The  spices liven up the flavors and add an interesting spin on basic roasted corn. Nothing can beat hot cup of soup with crispy pakoras during rainy days :)


Let’s play yourself safe with following tips:

  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Have a balanced diet
  • Eat clean, fresh food
  • Keep monsoon ailments at bay
  • Avoid puddles
  • Exercise and rest during monsoon
  • Loose, cotton clothes are the best during monsoon.
  • It is advisable to avoid jeans as they do not dry quickly.
  • Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly, particularly leafy vegetables and cauliflower

“Keep your self and your loved ones healthy..

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The magic of tie-and-dye


What do you imagine when you hear the words “tie and dye”?

-A women clad in embellished tie-and-dye saree with ornaments adorning her beauty, or

-A college girl adding a tie-and-dye scarf to take a break from her Plain-Jane look?

Well, you are not alone. “Tie-and-dye” is an inseparable part of Rajasthani culture. It has been around for centuries. Bandhej, Leheriya and Batik are the most popularly used forms of tie-and-dye that originated from this desert land.

People are drawn to tie dye as it is youthful, fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Tie and dye patterns have a certain exotic appeal to them. The beautiful art of tie and dye has made a sexy comeback. Of late, they have made their way to western wear and contemporary silhouettes. Their texture generates a liberated feel that makes them apt for glam resort or club wear for which they are being used lately.

With new experiments in fabric and color patterns, tie and dye has become a must-have in every wardrobe. There are as many ways to use tie-and-dye prints as you can think.

For a traditional look, wear a lightly embellished tie-and-dye lehenga with a blouse(choli) in solid colour and top it with a statement jewellery.

Fusion look

For a fun addition to your college dress, pair a tie-and-dye tee-shirt or tunic with your denims and you’re cool to go.

Tie-and-dye for college look

If you want to wear tie-and-dye but your office dress-code restricts it or you are too afraid to experiment, try adding it as a part of accessories like a scarf or a tote or wedges.

Tie-and-dye scarves

Tie-and-dye can be also worn as a stand- alone dress. Maxi gowns in tie-and-dye patterns are gaining popularity as resort wear.

Tie-and-dye for dinner date

It is a trend that has been a part of our culture, and now has set itself on runways of Paris and Milan alike. Try it out this spring!

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Jaipur, known as Pink City, has developed and adopted new ways of living rapidly. Amidst all the growth, we have just forgotten to pay attention to the Mother Nature. This irresponsible attitude contributed to depletion and this destruction has certainly surpassed all other benefits of our development. To counterfeit the damage we have caused unknowingly, we are lucky to have “Shristhi Foundation” which works extensively towards nurturing the nature through tree plantation and sustenance.

Trees are an important part of community infrastructure and vital to our personal and environmental health. They are a legacy we plant and leave for many generations – impacting our city with a better quality of life, a better business climate, and an enhanced sense of place.


“Shristhi Foundation” is a non-profitable organization working for tree plantation and environment awareness activities. “Shristhi” has planted over 5000 trees in the different parts of the city and esteemed institutions like MGD Girls School, SMS School, Saint Xavier’s School, Sofia Girls School, National Cadet Corps, Forest Department (Rajasthan), JMC, JDA, IDEA, Airtel, Fortis, HDFC, TATA, Bisleri, NBC, ACC, Livingstone and many other corporate and individuals have participated in the different activities organized by the foundation.

In its next phase, “Shristhi” would be planting over 1000 trees at C-Scheme, Jaipur under our Million-Tree Jaipur Campaign. These trees would be planted on the roadsides at Tilak Marg, Sarojni Marg, Malviya Marg, Ashok Marg, Mahaveer Marg, Sardar Patel Marg, Prithvi Raj Road etc., and would be maintained for 2 years.

The cost of planting and maintaining for two years is Rs. 1500/- each tree. We will start planting trees under this campaign from 1st July 2012.

To show your support and co-operation, you can issue a Cheque/DD in favor of “SHRISTHI” towards your contribution for number of trees you wish to plant. You may also join us for plantation.

For details, contact:

Dr. Mahesh Gulati

Chief Executive Officer

Shristhi Foundation,


Contact Number:  +91-9414387444, 0141-4013555

Contact Address: 402 l Alaknanda l B-87 l Ganesh Marg l Bapu Nagar l Jaipur – 302015

Join on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Srishtree