Get quirky on this Rakhi

Siblings fight, tease and irritate each other to death, while giving parents a little fright with their bickering. But, all of us would agree that no one knows us better than a sibling. And, even after knowing everything silly about us, they love us.

Indian’s love of festivities celebrates this sibling love in form of Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi. Traditionally, Rakhi signifies a relationship based on protection. Sisters tie a sacred thread on their brothers’ wrists and brothers promise to protect them of all adversities.

But hey, times have changed much and Rakhi is no more a brother-sister festival. It’s all about siblings love for each other. So, you can see brother-brother or sisiter-sister celebrating over this day in their style. Also, the equation of “brother-will-protect-sister-always” has changed. Now-a-days, you can see a girl protecting his brother and even fighting back for his lovely little brother.

But who ever said that love has to have some rules? So, love goes out in all forms and takes it best appearance in between siblings.

Jaipur Beat loves this changing scenario and came up with a few quirky ideas for Rakhi:

  • Apart from the gifts and sweets, do something together to make it memorable. Choice is yours entirely. Go on a siblings-only trip, cook together, talk your hearts out, and discuss everything that you skip owing to your busy schedules.
  • Remember the last pillow fight you had with your brother/sister? Relive your childhood again, watch cartoons that you loved in childhood, roam around like nomads, go for a bicycle-race and fight for that last piece of chocolate.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to shower your love with a considerate personalized gift that will make you and your sibling want Rakhi return earlier next year.

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