Jaipur in 24 hours

Jaipur Beat takes you to a whirl wind tour of pink city. Gear up and in 24 hours, you’ll feel that you’ve relished everything that’s there in Jaipur.

Start your day with a guided tour of walled city and forts to get an insight into rich historical culture of Jaipur. But do stop by at Lassiwala’s to gulp that energizing drink before you start your tour. In the walled city, shop all you want to from a large collection of bangles, jadau jewellery, gemstones, itr, mojari and many other articles and artifacts that only Jaipur can offer.

Oh, and if you end up using all your energy browsing through the market lanes, satiate your foodie cravings with yummy pakwaans, chaat and sweets at LMB.

After indulging in retail therapy, head over to ITC Rajputana to be served some of the best cocktails in the city and get refreshed with in-house spa services.

For a romantic dinner, book a table at the lush boutique hotel, Devraj Niwas and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with all the greenery around you.

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