Yummy in Tummy desserts by The Yo Shack

Do you all love desserts? But what if desserts come in a healthier and tastier form?

Jaipur finally has one more variety added to its desserts, other than ice creams, Indian sweets and other high calorie desserts; you finally have a better choice. We are talking about the thick, healthy and fat-free FROZEN YOGURTS.

The new yogurt parlor ‘The Yo Shack’ has now opened up in Pink city which brings the trend of the unique, gorgeous and miraculously fat-free dessert; Frozen Yogurt. Remember the old times when you would see the fountain pop machine, and you’d want to mix all the flavors together to see what they tasted like? You would get exactly the same feel and the treatment when you enter the Yo Shack. The calming and beach-like interiors add to the pleasant mood inside the parlor and make you want to chill with a frozen yogurt of your favorite flavor and delicious toppings.

With endless options of flavors, dry toppings, fresh fruits, cereals, chocolates and sauces, you would want to scamper around wondering if your peach mango flavor would pair better with crushed Oreos or a spoonful of fresh kiwis (or both)? On the top of this, it also offers smoothies and parfaits on their menu.

So if you want to try this new delicious dessert; frozen yogurts in town, drop in soon to feel the fresh taste and the experience of a light yet yummy dessert as and when you like.

Visit The Yo Shack, Ground Floor, Bhagwan Das Road, C Scheme, Jaipur, 302001.

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