Southern taste in Jaipur

You can take a South Indian away from his state, but you can never take the state away from him. And if you close your eyes for a moment and feel the aroma of South Indian cuisine being cooked or served nearby you, Jaipur Beat bets that you’d love to be a South Indian too. Rice is the staple food for the people of South India. Most of the dishes of this region have a generous use of coconuts, pepper, mustard seed and other spices. It has brilliant blend of flavors, bright colors, smell, and taste. So, South Indian foods are generally tasty, spicy and colorful.

If you thought that spicy is all there that is to South Indian cuisine, then think again! South Indian food is known for its medicinal value.

From the famous Chettinad dishes of Tamil Nadu and the Udipi and Mangalorean cuisine from Karnataka, to the popular Malabari fare of Kerala and our own cuisine from Telangana, Rayalaseema and Andhra, everything is a complete treat to your gastronomical senses.

So, when Jaipurites want to bite in some authentic Southie food delights, where do they head to? Jaipur Beat found some options here:

Sankalp Restaurant: Sankalp is non-pareil in style and cuisine. Authentic style culinary preparations, ethnic table layouts and upbeat servicing makes it a favourite amongst its visitors.

Dasaprakash Restaurant: Dasaprakash is known for its authentic South Indian flavors that don’t go over the top and make you crave for more. Their thali is a token of their true-blue southie spirits.

Dr. Dosa: Dr. Dosa serves huge varieties of dosas in their menu and as the name suggests, they are not afraid to experiment with their recipes. If you are a food adventurer, you should go for it.

So, where are you heading to now?

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