Celebrating Trio around the World – 12.12.12!

People around the world are celebrating the rare date in their unusual way.

  • This was the most awaited date for the couples to get wedded. The brides and grooms to-be waited for long to tie the knot on the last “triple-digit” date.wedding day


  • Hardcore fans of Southern Superstar Rajnikanth across the world are celebrating his birthday on this rare date followed by social welfare activities in Tamil Nadu.



  • Expected mothers also top the list. Said  anyone born on 12-12-12 will be highly imaginative, quick witted and artistic.

new born baby


City restaurants too have various plans etched out to make the day a memorable one. Some restaurants are planning a 12-course meal for their customers and some are offering great deals & discounts.



What ever your plans are 12:12:12 is a reason to celebrate!!!!!!

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