“Jaipur Clean Drive”

Our very own Pink City wants all of us to wish a clean morning. Let’s stand together for “Jaipur Clean Drive” to clean this beautiful city which attracts millions of tourists every year. It is the social responsibility of every Jaipur resident to make it one of the leading examples of cleanliness and beauty.

A noble initiative for “Jaipur Clean Drive” is taken by Mr. Avi Dandiya. Though he spends major part of the year in Dallas, USA, but his love for Jaipur is inevitable. The drive is getting active  participation from  Anu Sangwan, Social Activist and ETv Talk Show Host along with Raghvendra Singh Nathawat, Pratik Rajoria, Prakash Jangid and from many more  personalities of the city.

clean jpr

This is an effort to make the people of Jaipur become aware and makes efforts to keep it clean. Spread this buzz through this social platform to create a wave of awareness among all the Jaipurites. Come along with your family, neighbours and friends to become a part of such a noble and social deed. To give your contribution, assemble at Statue Circle, Jaipur on 14th December at 4:00 AM.
Though the step is small but goal is ambitious.
So, pull up your socks, contribute your time to the noble deed and wake up next morning with the ‘New Clean Jaipur’.



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