Surilo Rajasthan – The Musical and Cultural Night in Jaipur!



Now this is especially for those who relish the musical notes with the beats of dance, The Pink City- Jaipur brings you “Surilo Rajasthan”, the musical evening on December23, 2012 at the B.M Birla Auditorium.

The musical evening will have the touch of Rajasthani, Pop, Sufism, Band etc. It is bringing the pool of talent with the likes of Ravindra Upadhyaya, Rajas Hasan, Sandeep Acharya, Kawa Brass Band, Kohinoor Langa Group, Seema Mishra with more world renowned artists who will come together and celebrate Rajasthan’s musical heritage, create music through innovative collaborations accompanied with an interesting fusion of international and local folk music and exciting performances.

Surilo Rajasthan is no less than any classy ones. So don’t think of giving them a miss on December 23, 2012 05.00pm to 08.00pm at B.M.Birla Auditorium, Statue Circle, Bhagwandas Road, Jaipur- Rajasthan!

The Entry to the event is strictly through passes.

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