Food Oscars 2013 in Jaipur

“Part of a secret of success in life is to eat what you like”. Food has always been a necessity of life but what if it becomes an obsession. Rajasthan has always been rich in food varieties from traditional to continental, from Mughlai to Rajasthani, from a cup of coffee to a refreshing cocktail. Jaipur has all to offer.
Not very often do we see people from the glamour, corporate and literary world, coming together to celebrate food but Last Night, the Pink City witnessed one of the India’s biggest Food Oscars – the night that celebrated best chefs, the best restaurateurs, the best bartenders and the best food… The Jaipur Times Food Awards 2013.

“Times Food and Night Life Awards Jaipur” is the product of The Times of India, also known as the “Food Oscars” was organized at Le Meridien, Jaipur on 4th January 2013. It is an honor and tribute to those who have always been pioneer in food industry in Jaipur. Also a food guide ‘Times Food Guide Jaipur 2013’ was released which makes life less complicated as it has all the information about the eating outlets in Jaipur, be it a famous restaurant or a small joint.  As Jaipur has now become the main attraction for tourists for its culture and tradition, tourists always look for best but not the better food outlets. One of the most appreciated part of this guide is, it has a road map at the end with all the outlets located that will help the people to locate their favorite spot.Not very often do we see people from the glamour, corporate and literary world, coming together to celebrate food.

‘The Times Food Guide 2013’ was unveiled by the famous actor who is known for his remarkable acting in ‘Aamir’ and now ready with his new thriller movie ‘Table No. 21’, Rajeev Khandelwal.


The award winners and the categories are:

Best North Indian – Peshawari

Best North Indian (stand alone) – Handi

Best South Indian (stand alone) – Das Prakash

Best Rajasthani Cuisines (5 star ) – Jal Mahal

Best Rajasthani Cuisine (stand alone) – LMB

Best Chinese (5 star) – Dragon House

Best Chinese (stand alone) – Niros

Best Continental (5 star ) – OKRA

Best Continental (stand alone) – Copper chimney

Best Coffee Bar (stand alone) – Mr. Beans

Best All Day Dining (5 star) – Chandravanshi

Best Bakery – Jaipur Baking Company

Best Meethai (stand alone) – LMB

Best Multi-cuisine (5 star) – Jal Mahal

Best Multi Cuisine (stand alone) – Niros

Best Must Visit for tourist Restaurant – Surabhi Restaurant

Best Bar/Pub (5 star) – Madira Bar

Best Lounge Bar (5 star) – Lounge 18

Best Lobby Bar (5 star) – Mansagar Bar

Best Alfresco Bar (5 star) – Tabloo

Best Bar/Pub with dancing facility (5 star) – Fireball

Best Bar with ambience (5 star) – Azaa


An evening of “Times Food and Night Life Awards 2013” was dedicated to those who have marked their presence in the food world in different categories. The host of the Anuj Gurwara kept the spirits alive throughout the show.

The award-winning restaurants laid out their signature dishes and drinks. Guests were seen strategizing as to how to make the most of the massive spread. The night ended on a sweet note in the magical dessert land made of magnificent mousses, caramelized apple, and mouth-watering Indian confections.

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