Android Tablet Review : Qube Pro

Qube Pro : A Pro in making

Although there are various sizes of tablets available in the market, the closest a Tablet to match a Laptop is 9” or above. 9” tablet due to its size and convenience, give user a choice of skipping the usage of Laptop. Qube Pro, fits the bill of an occasional as well as a serious Tablet with its 9.7” screen. One looks at Qube Pro and realizes it’s a serious machine we are referring to.


Design and Build

Qube Pro is a solid looking Tablet with black front and grey rear. All the buttons including the power button are available on the sides of the tablet whereas the speakers and rear camera is at the back.


The design of Qube Pro is user friendly and convenient to use in either landscape or portrait mode.  The rear touches directly to the surface and hence we suggest using the tablet always with a cover.

Feature and Performance

Once you power on Qube Pro you are welcomed with a bright green logo of Qube followed by Android’s logo. The Pro comes with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream sandwich preloaded. The OS is optimized for Tablet and comes with all the goodies required for a routine user. The tablet comes with two speakers that are quite decent. However, watching a movie based on those would not be advised. The Pro comes with following ports on the left panel: headphone, USB,  Mini SD card slot, HDMI and DC input 5V-2A. The top left comes with home and back button that is also possible through the Android touch screen based commands.

pro4-800x500The booting process is very fast. The apps loading are also quick however it tends to get a bit slow when lots of app are open in the RAM. The Boxchip A10 @ 1.5 Ghz is quite handful for the apps and OS. The Qube Pro comes with 8000MAH/3.7V battery. The life of the battery depends on the application usage however it leaves much to be desired when it come to multimedia and high end graphic usage. That is largely due to the fact that screen size takes a lot out of the battery.

The Tablet comes with external 3G USB dongle support, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for communication and Internet connectivity.

Display and Screen

I am using an Apple iPad for my personal use. I have also used Samsung Tab for some time. Must say that Qube Pro comes with one of the best Capacitive Multi-touch screen with precise and quick response.  The resolution is 1366 * 768 with 16: 9 aspect ratios. The quality of graphics is quite acceptable looking at the price point this is sold at. The limitations are there when we are playing high graphic intensive games. There you crave for more.


Apps and Camera

The good thing about Qube Pro is that it comes with essential apps preloaded for Indian users. Some of them are TOI for news, Just Dial for local search based on GPS, ESPN cricinfo for cricket news and updates etc. The Tablet is ready to use once you take it out of the box. Social Media tools such as Google + and Facebook are also preloaded.

The Tablet comes with dual camera that serves the purpose of Chat, Skype etc.


Having used numerous Tablets both at high end and low end, I must say that Qube Pro surprised me with its performance and value for money feature. The Tablet just delivers what we expect from it. The price point is so aggressive that you end up buying a bigger Tablet, which eventually helps when the usage increases. Except for not so good battery performance, Qube Pro delivers more than you expect it to.

Points: 4.5/5

For more details visit the website  or contact +91 -141- 5116105

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