Movie Review : Race 2


Do you all remember how Race had your adrenalin pumping as each twist made you gawk before you even had a chance to think?

Well, Race 2 might lose the race against your mind this time but the director duo of Abbas-Mustan has a lot more on mind. Let’s start with the main plot.

A rare remnant from Race, the suave Ranveer Singh (Saif Ali Khan), hunts the hot spots of Istanbul in zest of revenge for the murder of his beloved Sonia (Bipasha Basu in a cameo) as he gets entwined with the fortunes of Armaan Malik (John Abraham), a former street fighter-turned-billionaire crime lord. Armaan and his sister, Elena (Deepika Padukone), are adept at tricking folks out of suitcases of cash, while Armaan’s girlfriend Omisha (Jacqueline Fernandez), a flirty pickpocket, sets her eyes on Ranveer with an agenda of her own.

The girls Deepika and Jacqueline try hard to pump up the steam with their beautifully-sculpted bodies which add to this tightly woven story of betrayal and survival.



However, these two gorgeous damsels need to do more if they want to be taken seriously by their fans as well as Bollywood.

As for the heroes, Saif looks like he decided to play a smirky avatar of Agent Vinod. No kidding. A definite special mention has to be made of the chilling on-the-foot-then-car-and-boat chase sequence through the crowded streets of Istanbul where Saif hunts down his beloved’s killer.

The brawny John Abraham replacing the relatively scrawny Akshay Khanna of the original Race ensures that the sequel has a distinctly higher beefcake though he slips down a little when it comes to acting and expressions.


The comic combo of the fruit-chomping Anil Kapoor with his new ditsy secretary Ameesha Patel, as a character refers to them as ‘Fruit & Nut’ will tickle your funny bone with their vulgar one-liners from time to time.

The music is infectious especially; Party on My Mind and Lat Lag gayi which make your feet tap with Atif Aslam’s Be Inteha as a soothing romantic number while Allah Duhai Hai fails to impress.


Race 2 is a must watch for Saif and his polished dialogue deliveries and smart one-liners, Abraham, for his dashing scheming businessman look, action sequences and lots of glamour that cater to the classes and the masses and of course for all the three ravishing ladies who also know how to act.

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