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Get ready for a culinary journey “Kebabiyaa” with The Fern Hotel, Jaipur

“Kebabs”, what is the first thing that strikes your mind when you hear this word? Spicy, Juicy, Mughals, Kebab with Beer, Kebab with chutney etc. While going out for a dinner the very first thing that strikes when it comes to starters is? Ooo yes you guessed it right, Kebabs. Kebabs are originally generated from Middle East, but now are found worldwide. In Middle East it is served with steamed rice or a Persian naan. This Mughlai Cuisine is a bit on the heavier side but yet very tasty. The aroma, luster, golden caramelized crust, smoky taste, mouthwatering delicacy about kebabs for that matter any barbecued food is a universal success story in itself. This wonder preparation has been there for ages in every cuisine world-wide in some shape and form.


The Fern Hotel is giving you an opportunity to experience this adventurous dish at ‘Kebabiyaa’ The Kebab Festival at Conversations2 with Biryani and Phirni and a FREE glass of Fosters beer. Making it a perfect crowd-pleaser our chefs at the kitchen play around with different spices, vegetables and meat to give you the best of all. Starting from February 22 – March 03, 2013 from 19:30 hrs – 22:30 hrs onward, Conversations 2 at The Fern Hotel will offer unlimited kebabs from the subcontinent. The restaurant has got a selected few in unlimited portions so that your passion for kebabs stay seamless and the excitement stays-on! There is delicious biryani, dal, heritage breads and phirni to compliment the exotic feast!

Menu Says:


Tandoori aloo zulfiani

Paneer aur subz ki nirali seekh

Mawa mewe ki malai mushroom

Kathal ke kebab

Bhutte ke kebab

Hyderabadi Salan

Lucknawi pardha biryani

Maa ki dal khasqui

Ulta tawa parantha

Khurmi  naan

Jaunpuri Sheermal

Gulab ki phirni


Sarsonwali tandoori machli

Murgh chandi ki mohrin

Murg ki gullar

Nawabi gilouti/Kallan kebab

Gosht ki kareli kebab

Gosht ki nihari

Kacchi gosht ki  biryani

Maa ki dal khasqui

Ulta tawa parantha

Khurmi naan

Jaunpuri Sheermal

Gulab ki phirni

Pricing :      645(Vegetarian) /  745(Non Vegetarian) Includes Taxes

Let your imagination run wild with different combinations and varieties.

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Department of tourism and Indian Army to present the ‘Cavalry Review’

On the initiative of the Tourism Minister, Ms. Bina Kak, the Jaipur-based 61 Cavalry, the only operational horse cavalry regiment in the world, will present a ‘Cavalry Review’ on 09 March at the Rambagh Polo Ground. On the visit of the Chief of the Army Staff, General Bikram Singh to Jaipur recently, the Minister had requested him to clear the proposal which had been sent by the Tourism Department to the South Western Command for the ceremonial mounted parade with full pomp and ceremony. The Minister said that this will be for the first time ever that the army will be organizing the elaborate cavalry drill for both the foreign and domestic tourists as well as the general public. This will go a long way in fostering harmonious and congenial relations between the army and the civilians, she said.  The Chief Minister, Mr. Ashok Gehlot has also been apprised of the event, she said. The event is being jointly organized by the Department of Tourism and the South-Western Command of the Indian Army.


The Minister informed that the ‘Cavalry Review’ is one of the most attractive mounted ceremonial drills of 61 Cavalry – and perhaps nowhere in the world is it organized on the same scale as in Jaipur. However, the ‘Cavalry Review’ till now was restricted to a very select audience within the army area, said the Minister.


The effective showcasing of the spectacle will also portray the military’s ethos and its history, she said. She also pointed out that with the army willing, the ‘Cavalry Review’ should become an annual feature and could be included in the calendar of events of the Department of Tourism in the Jaipur city.

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Review : ‘Special 26’

Known as Special Chabbis, from zero song in Wednesday to half a dozen in Special 26, Neeraj Pandey has made it amply clear that he now represents main stream cinema.

Based on the real life heist, Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher and gang loot the self-serving politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen off their riches by posing either as CBI or income tax officials. As they raid people of their black money, there are no police reports or investigations.


After committing at least 50 robberies across the country, they plan to loot a high-profile jewelry brand based in Mumbai. But CBI officer Manoj Bajpayee  who masterminds a supposedly bigger trap to nab the thieves red handed.

Great acting can be seen by leading actors especially Akshay Kumar, who leads the group of con men, the no-nonsense by-the-book CBI Officer, Manoj Bajpayee and the naïve police officer, Jimmy Shergill. In fact Jimmy Shergill, at times takes the glory away on screen from his renewed co-actors. The leading actress, Kajal Aggarwal, is as wooden as she could be. She is neither so pretty nor so expressive.

The climax of the movie is inspired by a real life incidence when bogus CBI officials raided a leading jeweller in Bombay at Opera House, on 19th March 1987.


The movie has its funny moments especially the dupatta scene and Anupam Kher’s interrogation scene.

Despite a good plot, the movie certainly misses the WOW factor. The second half drags a lot and viewers just wait for the film to end. The end does provide a bit of excitement as some unexpected events unfold, but its too late by then. The music is average with an exception of one song Kaun Mera sung by Papon.

Good to watch if you have nothing substantial to do, else wait for its DVD release which should be happening pretty soon.

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Best Hangout Places in the City on this Valentine !

The most anticipated day, Valentine’s Day is here. Though there are 365 days in a year to express your love and emotions to your beloved but still this day has something special about it. Regardless of age, religion or caste, Valentine is celebrated by all. The definition of love is different for all. For some going on a candle light dinner is the most exotic way to celebrate this very special day while other love to go on a long drive or on a vacation to spend their time at its best. But the feeling and emotion remains the same. There are many stories related to Valentine. Many believe that it is the day when Cupid, Greek god of love strikes.

There was time when love was expressed by exchanging love letters or to invite your beloved over a cup of coffee. But by the change in time, the ways of celebrating this season of love has changed a lot. People, especially young couples love to go on a candle light dinner or on a romantic long drive. Though there are some erotic ways too.

To get you overcome from this dilemma, Jaipur beat suggests you some options to go around to make your this love day special and worth to remember.

  • The Fern & Grunge Hotel

If you are looking for some peppy kind of celebration with cocktails, drinks and bass music then Valentine celebration at Grunge and Conversations2 is the perfect place to get cozy and romantic with your love.

Enjoy special Valentine’s Dinner Menu @ Conversations.
Get Compliments : Heart-shaped chocolate cake, One Sparkling Beverage, Rose Buds for every couple.


  • Lounge Maya: Handi Rooftop

After catering all for several years, It is now giving you an opportunity to enjoy your dinner on the rooftop on 13th, 14th and 15th with your beloved, away from all the hustles of the city.

  • Sheesha Restaurant

Sheesha is the restaurant which provides you a complete package that you dream of a romantic dinner date. Awesome food, Soft music, Lighting lamps and rooftop arrangement gives a beautiful view of the city.


  • The Forresta Kitchen & Bar @Devraj Niwas

No matter what occasion it is, food is always an incredible part of any event. Enjoy delicious food and refreshing drinks in perfect ambiance at The Forresta Kitchen & Bar.


Fairmont Jaipur
Celebrate Valentine’s this year in the pink city of Jaipur with Fairmont Jaipur’s romantic offering of a stylish dinner for two, set in the alluring surroundings of the hotel’s Mughal inspired fort. An exquisite five course meal complemented with a welcome glass of wine or champagne sets the mood for a truly memorable evening, enhanced with captivating views of the rugged landscape of the Aravalli hills in the background.


  • Lounge 18

Lounge 18 at Radisson Blu is place for those young couples who love to enjoy refined, tasteful and modern experience at fair price. Spend some good time with drinks, food and wine. When you talk about something different, this is the place that strikes.


  • Bella Casa

Bella Casa is set in a tranquil ambiance  It is a perfect place for lovers to relax and have some quality time.


  • Enjoy the scenic beauty of city -JalMahal

Now this is the filmy idea all the way from Yash Raj Films which always works. Nothing is more romantic then getting a view of  Jal Mahal with the love of your life. This idea will surely take you to next level 🙂


  • Light and Sound Show

This idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day is out of the box yet romantic if you are looking for some love, peace and art together. A place to sit, relax and immerse oneself into the history once again .

Amer ls

Now one has enough options to pamper and express your love with some really great options. Choose the best one to make it a day to remember because love doesn’t grow on trees like apples in Eden – it’s something you have to make. And you must use your imagination too. 😛

Wish you a very Happy and Successful Valentine’s Day 😉

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Swine Flu Alert : Its Symptoms and Precautions

Swine Flu, an epidemic or communicable disease has again hit the city. Considering the concern of the issue, schools of the city are now on high alert and are in full swing to prevent its spread. Some have started counseling parents and students while others have stopped morning prayers and are keeping a vigil on the health of students. School students especially of the primary section are highly vulnerable to H1N1 virus. The fear among the people against this epidemic has increased the demand of  Swine Flu Vaccinations.


As the cases of Swine Flu are now on rise, there are ways that will help you to determine if the person is suffering from this deadly virus.

Symptoms :

  • fever – 100 degrees F or above
  • Headaches
  • Diarrhoea or stomach upset
  • Cough and sneezing
  • Soar Throat
  • Aching muscles and joints
  • Weakness and fatigue

**If you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms then you must visit a doctor immediately.

As we all know that “Prevention is always better than cure”, there are certain measures that can prevent you from this pandemic virus.

Precautions :

  • You can help prevent the spread of germs that cause respiratory illnesses like influenza by covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after cough or sneeze.
  • Wash the vegetables and fruits properly before cooking and eating respectively.
  • Try to avoid close contact with sick people.
  • Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day to flush toxins from your system and maintain good moisture and mucous production in your sinuses.
  • Stay home from work or school if you are sick.
  • Wear surgical masks when ever you visit any crowded place like market, malls, hospitals etc.


The number of cases of this life threatening disease is continuously increasing. Try to adopt more hygienic habits which will keep you away from this communicable virus.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe !!

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Anytime is Tea Time at ‘Chaisa’

Well, after a high class trend, expensive and boasting coffee treats, now the pink city is shifting towards the tea-break with totally ‘Desi’ idea. It’s been almost 8 months since “Chaisa” came into existence. Situated in the vicinity of city (laal kothi), it takes a hold of young crowd.

702894_10151249656002210_507876779_n (1)

It was the first time only, when Chaisa grabbed the attention of Jaipur Beat, and parked us for more than an hour.  The European style interior with the wall painting collection in particular, honors the depth of design beyond first impressions. The designer Shreya Sarda says “It was done to give a different feel to the ambiance, as the wall painting characterizes a series, it definitely gives us a friendly feel”. The interior of the lounge makes you spend hours chatting over a cup of chai. Should we also mention the “quote plates” on every table?? Yes, when you’ll approach a particular table inside, your face would light up with a grin, absorbing and ingesting the gist of the quote plates hanging beside.

IMG_5602 (1)

‘Chaisa’ offers 23 premium varieties of tea which really strengthens the fact of it being a tough competitor to other tea-cafes. Especially the Tulsi, Masala and Ginger will relish your taste buds and greet the conversation to the fullest. Apart from serving Chai they also offer dal ke pakode, vada pao, bambaiya sandwiches etc. which greatly combine to become a perfect conversational meal. If you are still looking for some different sides of this unique Chai outlet then they have a decent and short firangi menu like the muffins, pizzas, brownies and everybody’s all time, anytime favorite ‘Maggie’ with all new concepts and make overs.

As the lounge caters primarily to the young generations, so the music they play adds gusto to the ambiance. We observed that the music flow of the tracks is according to day-night parts and the sort of crowd. From Honey Singh’s Punjabi rap to the perfect Neelesh mishra’s composition from the movie Jism can be heard playing in here. Rahul Mundra, a guy in his twenties, is the co-owner of this café. Although he earns half  the credit for fame of this incredible place, he is still maintaining the hierarchy of being humble and good towards people who visit Chaisa and therefore indexing them forever.

IMG_5714 (1)

The ambiance, being an important factor plays half of the role in setting the mood of the guests and ‘Chaisa’ is greatly living up to this. It offers a segmentation of indoor and outdoor spaces. The indoor quarter is an option to rescue from wintry, chilled or monsoon days (also for those who want to remain unexposed), while the outdoor region is spacious sheltered with umbrellas with greenery. Not only this they won’t let you sit doing with merely chatting, but they have game-charts of Ludo and Snake and Ladders where you can go on playing away to glory !!

For entertaining and friendly informal hang out, ‘Chaisa’ is recommended. Follow it on facebook

For the website visit

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JIFF’2013 ends with a glory

5th Edition of Jaipur International Film Festival 2013 has finally came to an end with glory and many appraises. JIFF is a great platform for those who are highly influenced with the society and express it through cinema. It’s real on reel. Since 2009 it is giving an opportunity to the young and budding talents to showcase their capabilities and zest. Many artists from different parts of the world represented their culture, lifestyle and film industry this year. The purpose of this film festival is to promote newer movie makers, exchange of knowledge, information, ideas & culture between India & other nations in context of their social and cultural ethos. JIFF also promotes friendship and co-operation among people of the world through the medium of films & documentaries.


It was inaugurated by the ‘Dream Girl’ of Bollywood Hema Malini. For the immense contribution to the Indian film industry, Gracious Sharmila Tagore was bestowed with the Lifetime Achievement Award by Hema Malini and Prem Chopra. This year also JIFF was spotted with some of the renowned faces from the industry who well played their role as critics – Jaiprakash Chowksey, Arun Dutt, veteran actors Prem Chopra, Ila Arun, culturist Sundeep Bhutoria and filmmaker Mark Bashit. The presence of Diya Mirza and Priyanka Chopra added more colors to the festival.



spacerThe films were categorized depending upon the genres. Categories were divided to precisely judge the hard work done by the participants. The films talked about love, brotherhood and composite culture, the sensitivity, lack political, social, communal, familial and emotional tolerance. Although Indian cinema is touching greater heights and it had also become multilingual but on the other side it has been losing the touch of Indians.

4. Award Ceremony at JIFF

Awards Categories were as follows:

    Worldwood International Panorama
    Directed by: Sushmit Ghosh & Rintu Thomas
    From: India
    Worldwood International Panorama
    Do Pahar
    Directed by: Shazia Shrivastava & Sharifa Roy, From: India
    Worldwood International Panorama
    Directed by : Mr. Sourav Day
    For The Film: 1.30 A.M., From: India

And more awards Directors and artists were recognized in different categories.

Though the film festivals have became a regular affair in most countries yet most of them cater only to selected audience as well as entertain the commercially successful film makers and related personalities. However, JIFF intends to organize a festival that connects the film fans & movies goers with the world, especially the serious filmmaker & their associates so as to bring about greater understanding of the art of film making.