Anytime is Tea Time at ‘Chaisa’

Well, after a high class trend, expensive and boasting coffee treats, now the pink city is shifting towards the tea-break with totally ‘Desi’ idea. It’s been almost 8 months since “Chaisa” came into existence. Situated in the vicinity of city (laal kothi), it takes a hold of young crowd.

702894_10151249656002210_507876779_n (1)

It was the first time only, when Chaisa grabbed the attention of Jaipur Beat, and parked us for more than an hour.  The European style interior with the wall painting collection in particular, honors the depth of design beyond first impressions. The designer Shreya Sarda says “It was done to give a different feel to the ambiance, as the wall painting characterizes a series, it definitely gives us a friendly feel”. The interior of the lounge makes you spend hours chatting over a cup of chai. Should we also mention the “quote plates” on every table?? Yes, when you’ll approach a particular table inside, your face would light up with a grin, absorbing and ingesting the gist of the quote plates hanging beside.

IMG_5602 (1)

‘Chaisa’ offers 23 premium varieties of tea which really strengthens the fact of it being a tough competitor to other tea-cafes. Especially the Tulsi, Masala and Ginger will relish your taste buds and greet the conversation to the fullest. Apart from serving Chai they also offer dal ke pakode, vada pao, bambaiya sandwiches etc. which greatly combine to become a perfect conversational meal. If you are still looking for some different sides of this unique Chai outlet then they have a decent and short firangi menu like the muffins, pizzas, brownies and everybody’s all time, anytime favorite ‘Maggie’ with all new concepts and make overs.

As the lounge caters primarily to the young generations, so the music they play adds gusto to the ambiance. We observed that the music flow of the tracks is according to day-night parts and the sort of crowd. From Honey Singh’s Punjabi rap to the perfect Neelesh mishra’s composition from the movie Jism can be heard playing in here. Rahul Mundra, a guy in his twenties, is the co-owner of this café. Although he earns half  the credit for fame of this incredible place, he is still maintaining the hierarchy of being humble and good towards people who visit Chaisa and therefore indexing them forever.

IMG_5714 (1)

The ambiance, being an important factor plays half of the role in setting the mood of the guests and ‘Chaisa’ is greatly living up to this. It offers a segmentation of indoor and outdoor spaces. The indoor quarter is an option to rescue from wintry, chilled or monsoon days (also for those who want to remain unexposed), while the outdoor region is spacious sheltered with umbrellas with greenery. Not only this they won’t let you sit doing with merely chatting, but they have game-charts of Ludo and Snake and Ladders where you can go on playing away to glory !!

For entertaining and friendly informal hang out, ‘Chaisa’ is recommended. Follow it on facebook

For the website visit

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