Get ready for a culinary journey “Kebabiyaa” with The Fern Hotel, Jaipur

“Kebabs”, what is the first thing that strikes your mind when you hear this word? Spicy, Juicy, Mughals, Kebab with Beer, Kebab with chutney etc. While going out for a dinner the very first thing that strikes when it comes to starters is? Ooo yes you guessed it right, Kebabs. Kebabs are originally generated from Middle East, but now are found worldwide. In Middle East it is served with steamed rice or a Persian naan. This Mughlai Cuisine is a bit on the heavier side but yet very tasty. The aroma, luster, golden caramelized crust, smoky taste, mouthwatering delicacy about kebabs for that matter any barbecued food is a universal success story in itself. This wonder preparation has been there for ages in every cuisine world-wide in some shape and form.


The Fern Hotel is giving you an opportunity to experience this adventurous dish at ‘Kebabiyaa’ The Kebab Festival at Conversations2 with Biryani and Phirni and a FREE glass of Fosters beer. Making it a perfect crowd-pleaser our chefs at the kitchen play around with different spices, vegetables and meat to give you the best of all. Starting from February 22 – March 03, 2013 from 19:30 hrs – 22:30 hrs onward, Conversations 2 at The Fern Hotel will offer unlimited kebabs from the subcontinent. The restaurant has got a selected few in unlimited portions so that your passion for kebabs stay seamless and the excitement stays-on! There is delicious biryani, dal, heritage breads and phirni to compliment the exotic feast!

Menu Says:


Tandoori aloo zulfiani

Paneer aur subz ki nirali seekh

Mawa mewe ki malai mushroom

Kathal ke kebab

Bhutte ke kebab

Hyderabadi Salan

Lucknawi pardha biryani

Maa ki dal khasqui

Ulta tawa parantha

Khurmi  naan

Jaunpuri Sheermal

Gulab ki phirni


Sarsonwali tandoori machli

Murgh chandi ki mohrin

Murg ki gullar

Nawabi gilouti/Kallan kebab

Gosht ki kareli kebab

Gosht ki nihari

Kacchi gosht ki  biryani

Maa ki dal khasqui

Ulta tawa parantha

Khurmi naan

Jaunpuri Sheermal

Gulab ki phirni

Pricing :      645(Vegetarian) /  745(Non Vegetarian) Includes Taxes

Let your imagination run wild with different combinations and varieties.

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