Virtuous women who involved themselves to evolve the society !

Today, 8th March 2013 is International woman’s Day, a day to celebrate the life of a woman, her hardships and her inner strength. Though everyday is her day but still this special day is officially declared to praise, admire and encourage her deeds, sacrifices and efforts. Woman’s Day is the day to honor and cherish the womanhood and her accolades. She is the guiding force and is responsible for making us who we are. Be it a Mother, daughter, wife or a sister, she shapes our lives, our personalities and crediting them for the same is something one should do at every opportunity.

The new age woman enjoys a democratic approach and thrives on peaceful co-existence. Let’s celebrate this Woman’s Day by giving a tribute to some of the leading ladies of Jaipur who have achieved a lot in their life.The energy and passion they behold is an inspiration to the rest of the world.

Diya Kumari

She carries a timeless aura of elegance.  Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur whispers the history of royalty of Jaipur realm. She is the synonym of opulence and presently a well-known personality as she supports charity and extends all help and support to various causes. The expression of beauty, Princess Diya Kumari is fond of art and culture, and encourages the youth to excel in the field of art, academics, sports, etc.


Rashmi Kuchchal

With her utter commitment, sincerity, she took the “Maya Group” to a pinnacle, and showed unparalleled results in the field of Hospitality industry to achieve excellence. Also she is a founder of a Non-profit organization, “Rays- Aasha ki ek kiran” which works with a sorted approach to help, nourish and educate kids with HIV+.

rashmi Kuchhal

Sunita Shekhawat

She doesn’t need a brand name for a semblance in jewellery industry. She has been serving to the society with her exclusive designs of jewellery to Bollywood and some high-end personalities.  An entrepreneur, hard core art lover devoted to her culture is a splendid example of womanhood.


Kirti Rathore

Kirti Rathore is the only female fashion designer for men in Jaipur. She has become a synonym to eminence and fashion . She has conducted many fashion shows including presentations across overseas. She is a dedicated social activist and believes in giving back to society.


Kamla Poddar

“Success is only a journey and not the destination.” says Kamla Poddar who has emerged as one of successful woman entrepreneur in Rajasthan’s patriarchal business community.

She is known for imparting quality education and practical skills. She has made her mark in the business and education field in Rajasthan churning our career-oriented professionals for various industries.


Kulsum Malik

She is a woman who gives all credit of successful life to her husband. The down to earth celebrity Kulsum Malik has all essentials required to crown her as “woman with substance”. Right from a rebel reader to a triumphant woman entrepreneur she overcame plentiful obstacles to succeed.

Going back to her history, she came from an extremely difficult and humble background, which filled her with ample amount of inspiration that today she is the owner and director of Kaya Kalp Herbal Ltd.  Malik is not just a beautician and teacher, but also a messiah for scores of young girls from under-privileged backgrounds who learnt the means to earn a respectable livelihood from her. Malik, wants to help others like her to find a good life.

Kulsum Malik

Leela Bordia 

She is one of India’s foremost woman entrepreneurs who founded Neerja International in 1978 with an objective of doing well for Blue Pottery Craftsman.

Begun with four craftsmen, Neerja now runs several blue pottery units that employ more than 500 craftsmen, thus also contributing towards social change through its work. Mrs. Bordia has received numerous awards both at home and abroad, and has held distinguished positions including the Executive of the Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Handicrafts Association.


Deepak Kalra

There are very few people who expand their fringes to conquer the pain of other people, and Deepak Kalra is one of them. Mrs Deepak Kalra is a truly an inspiring lady who has founded ‘Umang’ – Rajasthan’s first NGO for children with cerebral palsy, autism, mental challenges and multiple disabilities. Children at Umang are provided with a nurturing environment and trained professionals help them learn and grow. These children create beautiful pieces of artwork that can be bought as well, thus helping children at Umang become self-reliant.

umang_deepak kalra

Happy Woman’s Day 🙂

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