The blissful drinks to energize you this summer !!

Scared of heat stroke? Don’t be!! Instead get ready to beat the heat this summer with refreshing thirst quenchers that will not only quench your thirst but will instantly energize and relax you from within. Today, we are suggesting you the various places in town where you can go and have a sip of drinks while shopping or even during your lunch breaks.

The instant Shikanji


Thinking of drinking something in summers, the first thing that comes to mind is “Shinkanji” or more commonly called as “Nimbu pani”. Ah!! The ultimate, refreshing and energetic feel you get right after having a sip of it in the tiring summers is surely bliss!!  You can get it easily at almost each and every place in town or have it at home instantly. Try out the Shikanji by the roadside vendor standing in Raja Park near A.C. MARKET and feel the freshness dropping down your throat and mind.

Yum Yum Lassi

kulhar lassi

Another refreshing drink which will sweep you right off your feet in summer is “Lassi”!! Yes, this chilling, delightful drink made by curd and crushed ice is awesomely refreshing.  Jaipur’s all time favorite “Lassiwala” on M.I. road makes Lassi in all sizes which will make your summer special J

Healthy Papaya


The word papaya makes your mind go pink?? Well yes, papaya means a lot of things; juicy, energetic, soothing and healthy. The delicious papaya shake will make your skin glow and keep your stomach happy in the scorching heat. Papaya shakes are available at all the juice counters in town and we can also reveal the secret recipe ;). Besides papaya they put milk, ice cream and dry fruits in it which makes it a delightful bliss for summery afternoons. You can have them at night too!!

Fruit and Sugarcane Juices


Talking about beverages in summers, nothing can beat the fresh fruits and their juices!! Be it the fresh oranges, pomegranates, sugarcane or grapes, the juices will soothe your body and make you feel blessed that summers have arrived!! The fruit juice corners are on a roll and spread in every lane during this season. Be it the Gulnaar juice Centre at Tonk roadMansarovar, the Rama Juice Centre at Ajmeri Gate or the various shops in Raja Park, you can enjoy the fresh juices when and wherever you want to.


 Coconuty Cocoon

Coconut Water

We all have heard that water is tasteless , but what if our water becomes sweet, full of electrolytes that energizes our body from within ?? This amazing thing is none other than –COCONUT WATER. Coconut is essentially known as the “fruit for life” and its water is divine. Its fresh, cool, and little sweet taste makes it stand out. It has all the electrolytes, potassium and many other minerals that will keep you healthier and stronger.

So these beverages will not just quench your thirst this summer and keep you protected from strokes but also keep your skin and body refreshing and glow.


  1. pallavi

    pls i need to knw to which ice cream is used in papita shake? i want to impree my mother in law.. she dnt thik dat i can make tasty food.. pls pls pls.. lemme knw.. pls 😦 😦

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