Month: May 2013

Keema Baati- One Heritage Cuisine of Rajasthan

Arid Rajasthan, where historically wars and famines went together, developed culinary traditions that are complex in their variety but not in preparation. There are simple, rustic dishes that make generous use of butter, oil, spices, saffron and dried fruit. And the one such traditional dish is ‘Keem Baati’. Keema (mince meat)- is mixed with a […]


Why you Heart Mango So Much?

Summer is that blessed time of the year when fruit-markets and streets sell tempting juicy fruit mangoes in bundles. No other fruit tastes as delicious as sweet, chilled mango tastes. One can relish it for breakfast, lunch and dinner whether it is ripe or raw or cut it into diamond pieces, enjoy its pulp or […]


Shop till you drop !!

Those looking for a comfortable vacation, the ‘Pink City’ of Rajasthan is a place to be.  With its grand Rajput palaces, forts, cultural ethnicity, princely ambience, amazing colorful markets clubbed with hospitality, Jaipur holds the position of a major tourist destination. Jaipur, well known for its monumental heritage is also fast transforming into hi-tech city. […]