Why you Heart Mango So Much?


Summer is that blessed time of the year when fruit-markets and streets sell tempting juicy fruit mangoes in bundles. No other fruit tastes as delicious as sweet, chilled mango tastes. One can relish it for breakfast, lunch and dinner whether it is ripe or raw or cut it into diamond pieces, enjoy its pulp or prepare mango shake. What to say about aam-papad and mango pickles..yum yum !! Pulp and juice of mango are great to have during summer months as they provide instant energy. Unquestionably, the fruit is a terrific gift to us.


There are many reasons to like the mango fruit. Of course, its taste is one. Apart from its taste it is its several practical uses in our every day life that make the fruit everyone’s favorite. To tell you, it is one of the most exploited fruits for flavor, food, fragrance, juice and color. For its divine and pleasant flavor, it is added in ice-creams, fruit juices, teas, wines, soft drinks, cosmetics, confectionary items, etc.

Besides this, fruit also got vital medicinal and nutritional values as well. Green mango is rich in Vitamin C and is healthy for kidney, and digestive system of body.  On the other hand, ripe mango stimulates appetite, cleanses the body by removing toxins, improves complexion, tones up heart muscles cures constipation and also checks premature aging.


  • Digestion: sun dried raw mango (Aamchur)
  • Eye Disorder: Mango milkshakes
  • Diarrhea, spleen enlargement and dysentery:  Dry and powder the mango stone, and consume it with a big spoon of curd.
  • Heat Stroke: Boil raw mango in water till it becomes soft. Extract the juice and add salt, sugar (optional) and cumin seeds. Drink regularly.
  • Underweight: Mango with milk (soya milk) three times a day.
  • Blood Disorder: Raw mango

Skin Disorder: resinous substance extracted from the stem end of mango fruit and gum of mango tree.

Not just this, do you know that mango works wonders for the skin? Mango pulp absorbs dirtiness from skin pores, and leaves skin clean and blemish- less. Home prepared face-mask of mango and honey is effective in keeping skin fresh and hydrated all day.

Simple and easy way to get soft and smooth skin.
To conclude, mango is a ‘king of fruits’ in a true sense.

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