Not so deewani….Yeh Jawaani

This is supposed to be one of the biggest release of the year. Coming from Karan Johar’s Dharma production starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone and directed by Ayan Mukherji (Wake up Sid fame), it can’t get bigger than this.

The movie was released in all the leading multiplexes of Jaipur and we were told that the weekend shows are almost sold out on the online booking for this movie. Team Jaipur Beat decided to watch this movie on the very first day before the opinions about the movies start to flow around. In fact no online review was read by us till we watched this movie. Jaipur Beat forms its own opinion you see 🙂

The movie starts with a very advertisement campaign style sequence showing how professional Fed Ex are in delivering the couriers, probably a marriage card. The flashback of 8 years tells us that Bunny (Ranbir), Avi

k(Aditya Roy Kapoor) and Aditi (Kalki Koechlin) are close friends. They decide to take a adventurous trekking holiday at Manali. Naina (Deepika) is a studious kind of a girl who wears specs, who has never taken holiday in her life, never kissed some one, didn’t have an affair, never touched alcohol and so on…. So Naina joins them on this life changing holiday and care free boy Bunny, who loves speed, wants to keep moving meets this girl on a holiday. They spend time together, get to know each other and yes, fall in love with each other. No, I am not telling you the story of DDLJ again, but this is 2013 and we are still living with DDLJ hangover. The guy had intention to leave abroad to pursue his life and career and he actually does that leaving every one behind.


We are shown beautiful Europe and US in between where Bunny is busy doing travel shows. 8 years later, its yeh-jawani-hai-deewani_1365160991back to beautiful lake city of Udaipur where the royal wedding of Aditi is taking place and every one meets every one once again. Naina and Bunny meet again, the old flames are ignited and apart from the Rajshri inspired song and dance sequences , their love seems to blossom. The royal wedding setup at Oberoi’s Udai Vilas looks so similar to the end scene of Band Baja Baraat that was shot at Jodhpur. The song and dance sequence remind  us of Rajshri’s Hum Saath Saath Hai. Bunny again decides to leave for Paris leaving crying Naina and ever drinking and sulking Avi behind.

Will he come back or will continue to pursue his dreams ? I will leave this for you to know as it will spoil fun of watching the movie for you.

Overall a movie that promised so much, had potential to deliver so much, overall fails to deliver it all. Ayan Mukherji’s debut film Wake up Sid was so much full of emotions and character. Unfortunately the same is not seen in Yeh Jawaani. The characters are weak. Why Bunny (Ranbir) continued to move ahead in life and suddenly decides to drop it all and come back to be an emotional son and lover, was too sudden a transformation. What was the problem in Avi’s life that he continued to crib and drink like a tanker was never actually shown. Naina’s character never actually depicted that she was madly in love with Bunny. In fact the expressions between the lovers were so weak that even when Bunny was proposing to Naina, it looked like a meek and forced act.


The acting is good in parts and quite average in between. Some how we expected more from Ranbir after Rockstar and Barfi and I feel he disappointed us. Deepika looked ravishing and as beautiful as we expect her to be. She played a role of a subdued lover, and if its intentional then its alright, else I would say she failed to replicate the pain of a lover, as she’s supposed to be in the movie. To me the highlight of the movie was Kalki Koechlin, as fearless Aditi she plays the role with aplomb. And she looks so natural even during emotional scenes. Adtiya Roy Kapoor looks really good till he is not required to speak. As an ever drinking guy, he did a good job overall. Special mention to Farookh Sheikh, in a small role as Bunny’s father, he showed what a wonderful actor he is. In fact the scene between father and son reminds us so much of Wake up Sid, even the background music was similar. Madhuri as Mohini for the ghaghra song looked beautiful and of course dance brilliantly.

Watch Yeh Jawaani for its beautiful cinematography, for its wonderful locale of Manali, Europe and of course Udaipur. Watch it for some melodious music such as Kabira, Subhanallah and of course Balam Pichkari. Watch it for handsome Ranbir and mesmerizing Deepika. Expecting too much of a story, emotions and soul from it, would be expecting too much…..

Rating 3.5/ 5

Gaurav Hajela for Jaipur Beat


  1. Honey Singh

    Great review…I felt exactly the same while watching the movie. So many questions were left unanswered..a guy who leaves everyone behind suddenly comes back and leaves his dream for a Girl :O is too much to digest.Too much emphasis on love and on Bunny and Naina was boring.By the end of the movie I was hoping for a few more scenes of Aditi .Kalki is outstanding in the movie.Such a refreshing change to see her in this role because frankly I was tired of seeing her in similar roles with similar expressions.This movie is a far cry from Wake Up Sid..where the transformation of Sid is gradual and the relation between Konkana and Sid is beautiful.Nonetheless as mentioned the locales are beautiful …in a nutshell this movie has all the elements of a classic Yash Chopra movie sans the soul 😦

    1. meenakshi1965

      I was hoping same .in begining it wascfun it is a beautil film as person watching this film did not have to use hi or her mind excezcevily so whenerer person left d hall hecwasnt troubled by the story of d give n

      1. meenakshi1965

        I agree wid you Gaurav . Many loop holes .. though movie started with bang but than director got puzzeld or kind of lost .. wish corrector had more depth n some positive end . . May be he got so bored that director in hurry

  2. agrnupur

    I kind of agree with you !! Aditya Roy Kapoor looked like he has come directly out of Aashiqui 2..Deepika looked amazing and fitted perfectly in her role..I would say second half made a lot more sense in terms of emotions and was all a mix of KJ’s previous films..

  3. agrnupur

    I agree with you..Aditya Roy Kapoor looked like he has come directly out of Aashiqui 2..Deepika looked amazing and did her part well…the second half was much better in terms of emotions and story while the rest was pretty much of a mix of KJ’s previous films !!

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