Meru Cab, First Time in Tier II City

It was June 28, 2013 when India’s largest and most preferred radio taxi service, ‘Meru Cab’ expanded its footprints in Jaipur state with a view to offer reliable, safe and comfortable commuting experience through a fleet of modern, air conditioned cars equipped with the GPS based communication technology after being successful in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Bengaluru.


Entirely technology-and system-driven, the world-class metered radio cabs are running on the streets of the city with a tagline ‘Padhariyo Thare Des’. These cabs give a much needed level of safety to odd hours travelling senior citizens and women with installed GPS and GPRS ‘Trip Tracker’ that offers a nominated person to receive constant updates (free of charge)of the cab’s location and client’s trip. Other cutting edge facilities of the cab include automated audio-visual speed alarm, booking the car through a website or 24*7 available call center and automated e-billing at the end of the trip. To add, Meru Cab ensures that a chauffeur is well -groomed and courteous, hence it follows a stringent driver selection and training process at “Meru Training Academey”.



Meru Cab services are available round the clock. To book a car, dial 4422442 with a city STD code, or go to the website: . Customers first need to register themselves on the website to book a cab through the website. Customers can always hail a cab on the streets if it is unoccupied.


Charges for the journey beginning in the day -time and finishing in the night-time are according to the distance travelled. During the day, charges are Rs 18/Km and waiting charges are Rs 2/Min. On the other hand, night-time fares (12:00 am midnight to 5:00 am) are Rs 22.50/km with waiting charges Rs 2.5/Min.

Currently, there is no Convenience Charge (charge to book a cab), but it will soon be introduced in Jaipur too like other cities.

Mode of Payment

Unlike other cities, debit/credit card (VISA/Master Card/ AMEX) payment options are not available in Jaipur. Hence, customers have to pay the fare charges to chauffeur in cash as per the fare on the meter with extras if any (like waiting surcharge) and receive e-receipt for the payment made on their registered e-mail ID.


With relentless efforts of Meru Cab to have the best-in-class customer service, transparency in billing and high-end technology, Jaipurites are definitely going to enjoy unparallel travel experience.

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