Jaipur Jungle- Restaurant which takes you to the wild

Bored of going to the same restaurants?  We have just explored a new place in town that will surely interest you and your friends and at the same time will satisfy your appetite.


Yes, the new dine- in place, Jaipur Jungle, a place with the ambiance and the feel of the jungle.Though theme based restaurants are not new for the city, as Jaipurities have already experienced dining at ‘Jungle safari’ based on similar Jungle theme. Those who have visited Jungle safari will not find this any different but for others it definitely is an interesting place.

Located on 6th and the top most Floors, Business Avenue, Near Pink Square Mall, Jaipur Jungle serves variety of Indian and International cuisine. Jaipur Beat visited the place on Sunday and found that the interior was pretty dark but it brings a new kind of ambiance with a family appeal to it.


One will definitely take some time to look around before finally picking up the menu card.

Even the staff was dressed in the jungle ranger uniform. Menu was really lavish, offering wide range of starters and the main course starting as Rasoi Ki khasiyat, Paneer Ki Khasiyat with 12 types of Paneer dishes and Dal Khaas e Nawabi offers not only one two or three but 6 types of pulses continued to rice dishes, papads, salads in veg. Non-veg main course was attention grabbing offering food from Jungle Ke Khazane se and Samundar Ki Gharai se for seafood.


We decided to order one Paneer dish, one veg dal makhani and a chicken dish. The food though cooked well but proves too rich for the stomach. Masala Papad was interesting as topped up with bikaneri bhujia.

The staff was very attentive towards the guests and hence we had no complaints in terms of service. It counts for a lot these days. There was no gap in the service and refill of chapattis (breads) and curries. The staff encourages you taste their specialties.

What scores for this restaurant is their level of service. Even if the jungle setting doesn’t amuse you your kids surely will enjoy every bit of this place.

JJ2 (1)

All in all the Jaipur Jungle was a pleasant experience. The food could be friendlier to the stomach. The experience of jungle is new and interesting and one must visit it once. So, Get ready for a complete experience of fine dinning in the wild.


Overall Rating:

  • Ambiance : 4/5
  • Food : 3.5/5
  • Concept : 5/5
  • Service : 3/5
  • Value for money : 3/5


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