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Different shades of pink city on World Tourism Day

On this World Tourism Day, how about planning an awesome weekend at Jaipur and enjoying the colors at pink city like never before !!

As you open your eyes early in the morning, just pick up your bag pack and drive away to the Jal Mahal palace standing in the middle of the Man Sagar lake. When the sun rises from behind the palace , the sky takes a shade of the vivid orange and the sparkling lake turn the sight into a silhouette of the most beautiful sunrise.

IMG_2336 - CopyAfter the breath taking view, go further and reach the Amer palace, one of the most precious gems of Jaipur that shines with pride in the hues of yellow. The Suraj Pol gate welcomes you with warmth, the name signifying the first ray of sun falling on Amer turning the gate into a glowing orange colored splendor.

Suraj Pol Gate

After the delightful morning it’s time for an equally delightful breakfast !! Thinking where and what to eat?? Don’t bother and head towards the Rawat Mishtan Bhandar on Station road. Is the smell of freshly prepared pyaaz ki kachoris already making your mouth water?? Enjoy the yummiest pyaaz kachoris in town with a big glass of lassi here and get all charged up for the rest of your journey in Jaipur.


A perfect beginning of the day must be followed by an interesting afternoon and what can be more interesting in pink city than shopping ? So it’s time to go the walled city and see that it has an offer that you can’t refuse; a matchless shopping extravaganza !! While you see the city side wrapped in bright colors, you can pick your block prints from Chaura rasta, Tripolia bazaar. If you’re fond of jewellery or your friends/ girlfriends or mothers are fond of them, get some exquisite pieces from Johari Bazaar, Bapu bazaar, M.I. road. These markets are also clad with bandhej (tie & dye), lac bangles and jootiya that are specially found here. Now that your hands are full of shopping bags and heart is filled with joy, your belly surely needs a good treat.


The one place where you’d enjoy both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine equally is Niros, located on M.I. road. The lal maans and chicken is the specialty if you’re a non-veg freak, and you can try baingan bharta if you’re a vegetarian. Make sure that you keep a little space in your bellies for some delicious desserts at Jalmahal Ice cream parlor situated right there.

Watching a sunset is as precious as the sunrise, isn’t it? Drive to the Nahargarh fort and witness the wonderful sight of the sunset from the top of the fort. As the sky gets into a blue mood, the city is lit up and the view from the top is spectacular and worth capturing. It’s time to catch the “Light and Sound” show at Amer. The show presents the symphony of the scintillating shades of light that illuminate the Amber fort after sunset along with narrating the history of the fort in the baritone voice of Amitabh Bachchan (the famous superstar of Indian cinema).

IMG_2149 - Copy

Now it’s your turn to decide whether you want to come down and have the famous Rajasthani dal baati churma at LMB ( Laxmi Mishtan Bhandar) or leave for a long drive that will take you through the way Jaipur has changed its shades in the last few years. If you have decided to watch the city at night, then drive to Hawamahal to see how its windows have now been back lit and tells a different story at night.


While going towards the Albert Hall Museum, have a look at how the State museum of Rajasthan reflects the deep rooted culture Jaipur is soaked in. On your smooth drive on JLN marg leads to the well lit Shree cements building making way to the newly developed shopping mall; World Trade Park of Jaipur. Now it’s time for a scrumptious dinner at Chokhi Dhani. Gorge on the Rajasthani thali festooned with the freshly cooked dal baati churma served with warmth and affection.

chokhi dhani

If you are planning to spend one more day at Jaipur, you might go to see the grand City Palace and Jantar Mantar the next day and check if Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) is hosting any theater or exhibition for your visual delight.

So are you ready to have the most amazing weekend at Jaipur ??


World Tourism Day: What’s Up in Jaipur today?

If there are days like ‘Mondays’ that we hate, there are days like Anniversaries that we love and always look up to.  Likewise, there are some notable commemorative days that government observes and celebrates with a purpose to raise awareness of issues that are of national interest.

download (3)
Well, we are going to talk about one such special day i.e. ‘World Tourism Day’ celebrated every year on September 27 which is today. This day is meant to recognize the importance of tourists and tourism industry across the globe.

download (5)
The Department of Tourism of every state is doing something on this occasion to foster awareness about social, cultural, political and economic values of tourism, so is Rajasthan’s.  The Hon’ble Minister Tourism, Art & Culture, Ms Bina Kak graced the celebration of the World tourism Day by inaugurating the website of ‘Rajasthan State Archives Department’ yesterday. The website displays more than 35 lakh historical documents of erstwhile princely states and the state’s history.

For today, a number of events are lined up in the city to delight tourists.
There is going to be a bonanza of Rajasthani folk music and dances for music lovers at the open air theatre in Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) in the evening.

download (4)
During the day, a photography exhibition on heritage tourism will also be displayed at the JKK. Besides this, there are going to be performances of folk dancers, shehnai and nagada players at Jaipur’s most prominent and ancient museum i.e. Albert Hall, astronomical observatory which is Jantar Mantar and the beautiful fort, Amer fort during the day.

download (1)

Not just this. The foreign as well as domestic tourists visiting Jaipur today will be distributed tourism literature and will be accorded a warm welcome by being garlanded at Albert Hall, Jantar Mantar, Amer fort, Tourism Reception Centre, Air Port, Railway Station and the Bus Stand. To add, there is a free entry to all museums and heritage structures today.

download (2)
When so much is happening in our Gulabi Nagari on World Tourism Day then why not be a part of its celebrations. Right ?

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Mini Olympics to start in Jaipur from 3rd October!

Biggest inter school tournament of the Pink CityMaharaj Jagat Singh Inter School Tournament is to start from 3rd Oct and will continue till 7th October with over 2500 students participation from 50 leading schools.

The Chairperson of Maharaja Sawai Mansingh Vidyalya (MSMSV), Rani Vidya Devi informed this during press conference held yesterday.


History of Tournament

Maharaja Jagat Singh Inter School Tournament began 16 years ago. It was founded by the late Rajmata Gayatri Devi in memory of her son the late Maharaj Jagat Singh, who himself was an avid sportsperson and sports fan.

What’s New?

Five new disciplines of athletics, tennis, table tennis, squash, and badminton have been added to the tournament. The Tournament that is organized by MSMSV will now have a main sponsor in form of the Amity University.

The former physio of Indian Cricket Team and presently of Rajasthan Royals cricket team, Mr. John Gloster said that fitness and health were of prime importance to the school children. He appreciated the initiative in organizing a tournament of this stature. He expressed great satisfaction at the games and sports facilities available in the city of Jaipur.


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A Night-Out in the Pink City!

If you want to pick up your car at 8:00 in the evening and want to be on the go for the night, what would your plan be? Whether friends or girlfriends, a new night-out idea always trumps the cliched clubbing plans! Charm your night through the Pink City’s modern-day and historical delights, so that when you come back home, it is an evening well spent.

Could there be a better stress-buster to start your day-end trip than a refreshing drink? Didn’t Benjamin Franklin say ‘In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom’!

Drinks at the Henry’s, Park Prime could give your evening the perfect start. While beers and draught beers are usually stocked, they serve various spirits, cocktails and mock-tails. Their snack menu to go with the drinks has sumptuous Chinese, Continental and North-Indian preparations. My recommendations would definitely be Kathi Roll, Paneer Tikka, Fish Tikka, Chicken Stick, Mojito Mocktail, and Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail.


Before heading for your car remember to hand-over the steering to the one who doesn’t drink or take a chauffeur-driven car. We insist don’t mix drink with driving. Through the drive after this appetizing drinks’ round, some romance with your partner or fun with your friends must be on your mind. Savour the emotion until your stomach groans for food. When you pass by The Forresta Kitchen & Bar at Devraj Niwas Hotel in Bani Park, stop your car as food here is the exact gourmet bliss your stomach must be craving for by now. As the name also suggests, the forest ambience, the light mist spraying and the muted lighting is the backdrop with a difference and adds further to your spirits.


It is time for some reminiscing! Recollect the good-old times while driving through the walled city, especially the Hawa Mahal revelling in the moon light. The chaos and bustle of this city area during the day, transforms into a peaceful and quiet place by the night, where you can cherish the beauty of the earliest built part of Jaipur. One of the most beautiful and serene places of the Pink City is Jal Mahal, and we Jaipurites are crazy about it. There couldn’t be a more romantic view than the reflection of the stars and the cobalt blue sky in the unruffled water.

You could catch a cup of hot coffee while still enjoying the cool breeze at the roof-top Cafe Coffee Day in front of Jal Mahal; after all (as the CCD logo says) a lot can happen over coffee 😉

Hawa Mahal by Night

Jal Mahal

Drive back home through the Prithviraj Road to experience your car cruise. While crossing the Statue Circle, don’t miss the look of the erstwhile Maharaja (Sawai Man Singh) of Jaipur in his full glory. If the girls in your car are craving for an ice-cream, you know nothing beats Jaipur’s favourite Jal Mahal ice-cream parlour!

Statue circle

Coming back home, you realise there was a lot of good time spent today to relish. So the next time you want to spend some quality time through the late evening that could possibly have a calming effect on you then you know the places to be in Jaipur.

A late-nights’ drive with someone special by you is the best stress-buster ever!


iOS 7 from Apple : A seven star performer

When Apple decided to launch its iOS 7 few months back, it was the biggest overhaul of its iOS since the launch of iPhone in 2007. A lot was said about this new OS that was supposed to be the next big thing from Apple. Yesterday at 10.30 PM IST, iOS 7 was available for public download. Team Jaipur Beat decided to install it on their iPhone 5 and iPad. It was clearly obvious that we are heading for a long night looking at the over enthusiastic response for this OS. Apple servers were heard to have faced delays due to excessive download traffic.


Upgrading the OS is a very simple process. Please ensure to take a complete backup of your phone before attempting to upgrade the OS. On your iPhone go to settings > General > software update. You should have a data connection on your phone. The OS will search for the upgrade and will suggest you OS 7.0. Click on download and install option. Its recommended that you use wifi connection to download the OS. The iOS7 for iPhone 5 was 752 MB. It took us around 2.30 hours to install the OS on iPhone and around 2 hours on iPad.


One look at the new OS and you are already in love with it. It bright, its vibrant and its happy. Yes you can sense a happy and cheerful OS offering all the right positive looks. The icons undergoes a change, so do their colours. Gone are the days of yellow looking pictures or grey calendars. The notifications are of florescent red colour, some thing that was a bit too much for me. Over all the graphics of this new OS ensures that you take notice of this new OS.


All the controls such as wifi, bluetooth etc are now available on single click. Just slide the screen up from the bottom of the screen and you will get all the control from one locations. This feature surely is inspired by Android.  The torch option surely eliminates the need for third party apps.


The camera undergoes a massive change. It gives you an option of taking videos, photo, square photo and a Panoramic shot just by flipping from left to right. You can switch on the HDR and also flip between front and back camera by press of a button.


The most revolutionary feature on the camera is pre-set filters. These are not just pre-set filters that can be applied on a clicked picture, these actually allow you to live-view how will the picture look after clicking. Must saw these are pretty smart filters and enhances the photographic experience on iPhone.


Quitting an application is now simpler. Just double click the home button and you will find the list of open apps. Just drag the app you want to quite upwards and its done. The process is fast and simple.


Like Android, you also get an option of Dynamic and Stills as wallpaper. The dynamic are animated wallpapers.


All new images for the still wallpaper. Although I am already missing my blue jeans as an option.


The mailbox gets a new look. The icon is changed, the layout is now different and so are the fonts used. Its also extremely fast to download and send mails. Very impressive performance.


The compass also gets a new and serious look. Its quite effective in usage and calibrating it is piece of cake.

So over all finally it was worth a wait for almost three hours to download and install the iOS 7 on our devices. The OS is simply WOW. Its fast, brisk and looks very stable and offers what is missing in any other OS currently available ie Finesse

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Take a literary trip to National Book Fair in Jaipur!

Bookworms can now get ready for literary delights!

book fair

Yeh…it’s that time of year when Jaipurites come together for the love of books!

’10th National Book Fair’ invites all book lovers across the city to come and check out this amazing book fair that will have on display some of the best books, journals and other reading material. The pre – eminent event is counted as the best platform where books in all formats, the products, services and education that support the buyers and sellers of books will be displayed. Besides books, the fair raises possibilities for interaction between authors, publishers, book-sellers, distributors, librarians and book-readers. Various engaging event and activities make this grand event an exciting place to visit. So, if you wish to take home the best books and other reading material with you, make sure you go for it.

Venue: SMS Investment Ground, Ambedkar Circle, Jaipur

Dates: From Saturday, Sep 07 till Sunday, Sep 15, 2013

Timings: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM

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Educational Institutions of Jaipur that marked the beginning of New Era!

Heritage has been the USP of the Pink City but do you know that Jaipur is also a  world class education hub. Jaipur schools, colleges and Universities have always imparted the right educational skills to Jaipurites .

On this Teachers day, we at Jaipur Beat thought to peep into the history of cities educational centers who are marking their foot prints from old age to the modern days.

Going back to the era, Maharaja High School is probably the oldest in Jaipur city.

Maharaja High School, probably the oldest school of Jaipur
Maharaja High School, probably the oldest school of Jaipur

But the real twist in education was brought by  the former queen of Jaipur and of course the charismatic Gayatri Devi, who was very much interested in women’s education. To impart all round education on the modern lines to Indian girls so as to enable them to grow up into refined, knowledgeable and responsible citizen, the Highness Rajmata Gayatri Devi established Rajasthan’s first all- girls school Maharani Gayatri Devi Girl’s School (MGD) in 1943.

Putting quality at the heart of development, a handful of other girls’ schools like St. Angela Sophia Girls School and Maharani Convent School also rendered devoted service in the field of girl’s education.

Schools that emerged responsible in delivering value based co-education and providing ample opportunities for the development of students’ inborn abilities and talents are Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya, St. Xavier school and Bhartiya Vidya Ashram school to name a few, which brought  tremendous improvement in the education system making learning an  interesting, lively and enjoyable process.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not only schools, Jaipur have as many as 22 universities, including 17 private and 5 state-owned. Even cities like London, New York are way behind Jaipur in terms of the number of universities. 

Renowned colleges having academic excellence as their hallmark such as Maharani College for Girls, Maharaja College for BoysPoddar Group of Institutions, IIS University and Seedling Group of Colleges began their journey in Jaipur to fashion the basic principles of life, mould mental attitudes and shape the character of Jaipurites. Their contribution in filling the life of Jaipur youth with vigor and zest is laudable.

Over the years we can say the education scene has blossomed in Jaipur!!

Happy Teachers Day to all!!