Oh why Ranbir ? Why be Besharam ?

When you have a movie directed by Abhinav Kashyap, director of Dabangg and have Rishi, Neetu and Ranbir Kapoor acting together for the first time, you really are looking for some thing special. Ranbir Kapoor’s releases are supposed to be the most looked forward releases these days, who can forget the massive opening of Yeh Jawaani. So we at Jaipur Beat decided to watch the movie on the very first day that was released on Wednesday and not Friday for a change due to 2nd October holiday.
The movie starts with a pretty impressive looking Javed Jaafri (Chandel) as a villian. Must say he is one of the most underrated actors of Hindi films. That Ranbir Kapoor is getting names such as Bunny (YJHD) and now Bubbli in this movie is some thing that defies any logic. May be he is trying really hard to live up to his image of chocolaty hero. Any ways Bubbli is a car thief who also happens to be an orphan. Like a modern day Robinhood, he donates every income from his “not so noble profession” to his orphanage. Pallavi Sharda (Tara), a debutant, is supposed to work in an architecture firm as manager and lives in Delhi-6 kind of colony in Delhi. That she buys a 25 lakh worth of Mercedes B Class in the very first scene of the movie to attend a friend’s wedding is the lamest excuse you can come across. Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor play Police as Inspector and Constable and are called Chulbul and Bulbul Chautala in this movie.
So Bubbli steals the Merc of Tara and hands it over to Chandel not knowing its hers. Now as he was deeply in love with her and clearly indicated that by barging into her office once, he realises his mistake and decides to steal the Merc again from Chandel. The first half of the movie is totally disconnected and clearly misses any connection. In one scene Ranbir is dancing with all funny clothes and in another he is trying to act like SRK in a shaadi song.
The story takes a turn when it is found out that the car which Bubbli stole back also has huge cash in its boot. So the cash takes a full circle from Bubbli to Chautalas to Chandel. The climax is totally predictable and you can even guess the next scene. There are funny moments in between but overall the director has tried to make Ranbir look and act like Salman in maximum part of the movie. Now having a Salman hangover is one thing and asking Ranbir to act like him is totally another matter. The climax has scenes taken out from Gadar, Ajab Prem ki gajab kahaani and of course Dabangg. Watching Rishi Kapoor with his physique act like a tough cop is quite a hilarious moment of the film.
Its hard to understand why Ranbir Kapoor would do this movie. He looked good in parts but again those cheap dialogues do not augur well with his profile. And what was the need to show his butt crack once again ? Probably he took the title of this movie way too seriously. The wikipedia introduction of Pallavi Sharda states that she is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer. Watching her moves that look so cheap and vulgar at times, its hard to be convinced by this intro. She does look pretty at times but fails miserably in emotional scenes. Rishi and Neetu Kapoor could have been the highlight of the movie. In fact Neetu Kapoor looks extremely graceful even as a constable. Although at times they do sound a genuine couple but the cheap dialogues take away the authenticity of the relationship.
The songs felt forced and some of them try to copy music of 70’s and 80’s. The music by Lalit Pandit (of Jatin-Lalit fame) is overall average with an exception of  Tu Hai  by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal and Dil Ka jo Haal hai by Abhijeet and Shreya.
At the end it was really disappointing to see Ranbir Kapoor in this movie. But the blessing in disguise is what would be the fate of this movie if he wasn’t there. If you have nothing substantial to do in life and are ok with a little bit double meaning cheap comedy this movie is for you other wise staying away from this is advisable.


  1. Somya

    Oh what a disaster, I could not classify the heroine as pretty, beautiful, an actor or hot. So don’t know why was she on screen. And why was the violence extreme (thought it was a light movie) what genre was this, confused???? A tooth flying into the air….yuck.

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