A not so crazy Dhoom !!


When Aamir (Sahir) makes his entry running down on a bank building’s wall in Chicago, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? That’s right, Spiderman it is. The next mind blasting entry is our very efficient ACP Jai Dixit (Junior Bachchan) who makes you jump off your seats as he crashes a village road in an auto rickshaw to fight a bunch of local Mumbai goons who have no connection to the rest of the movie whatsoever.

This is Dhoom 3, so the entire movie is not as hilarious as the entries of the lead cast. Now let’s come to the plot. As every branch of Western Bank of Chicago is getting robbed very smartly, Jai Dixit and Ali (Uday Chopra) fly to Chicago to probe into this case. Here begins a thrilling tale of Chor Police.

Abhishek Bachchan with Uday Chopra in Dhoom 3

Like it is shown in the trailers, the movie has a lot of circus in it, run by Sahir where he shows his best magic trick. The circus is financed by the banks, obviously through robbery. Behind this unbelievable magic and the impossible robberies (that are never shown in the movie), there lies Sahir’s little secret that the world, audience and ACP Jai Dixit is oblivious to. The question is that why does Sahir rob only this bank? When and how will his secret be out ? Will Sahir be able to achieve his mission impossible or will Jai Dixit destroy his game ? These are the questions that keep you glued to your seats in the entire movie.


Katrina Kaif comes to do a little aerobics to Kamli with a toned body and skimpy clothes to impress Aamir to be a part of his Circus. That’s all she adds to this film apart from a romantic railway station scene straight from Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

aamir n kat



The film has average and minimum music, long bike chasing scenes, some not so great dialogues, in short nothing in front of the previous Dhoom films, but if you’re a hard core Aamir Khan fan, watch it for his yet another amazing performance.

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