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Get set for a bumpy Highway !

If Yash Chopra was the king of filming the picturesque landscapes of Europe, after Highway you can easily call Imtiaz Ali the Emporer of sceneries in India. But make no mistake, this is no dreamy romance in the Alps and lakes, this is a journey of a high-society Delhi girl Veera (Alia) who gets kidnapped by a group headed by Mahabir (Randeep Hooda) and is moved from one place to another which eventually turns into a fun-filled road trip that changes her life forever.


As the movie begins with the usual gundagardi treating the victim harshly, it smoothly takes a turn in the brilliantly done spine chilling scene where Veera reveals her darkest secret from childhood to Mahabir from where they start to develop a bond that is rare and unimaginable.

The movie has its moments that will tickle your funny bones like the first actual dialogue between Alia and Hooda where she apologizes for her misbehavior despite being mistreated by him. Another amusing and enjoyable scene is where she suddenly plays English music and breaks into a bindaas seductive dance in the middle of the road while Hooda gapes at her in utter curiosity and surprise. This reminded us a little of a short scene from the movie Dor where the young widow played by Ayesha Takia starts tapping feet to a song while walking on a street.


Alia Bhatt unquestionably steals the thunder despite acting very much like the bubbly, confused and over talkative heroines of Imtiaz Ali. What she adds to this typical character is the pain, frustration and intensity that definitely travel to the audiences’ hearts as they feel her anguish like their own. Hooda remains silent for most of the time and proves yet again that he is a tremendous actor as he effortlessly plays an intense kidnapper who has a hidden side to his raw character.

The movie is shot on various road highways of India viz. Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir. The screenplay is such that you would feel like pausing the movie and capture some moments with a click.


There are stretched silences, some slow moving scenes with no background scores, and that’s where you feel the magic of admiring nature in peace. Rahman’s music in the right places is as soothing as the stunning Kashmir ki waadiyan. As Pataakha Guddi spreads joy and makes you feel like dancing freely, Sooha Saha sung by Alia Bhatt takes you to a semi-trance with its extremely peaceful voice and feel.

So get ready for an adventurous journey on this Highway that will take you some miles away from your comfort zone through a roller coaster ride that will shake you, but will be totally worth it !

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(The Hot) Gunday

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If drama, bromance, pouty lips and most of all apply-no-brains entertainment is what you are up for, Gunday is for you! If substance and twists to a 1970’s tale that’s been told enough number of times in the 70’s itself is what you are expecting, you are in for some extremely predictable, sometimes non-sensical, and a loud background score for 160 minutes of your time.

Arjun Priyanka

Having warned you of that, we think Gunday is not so bad after all (we belong to the 1st category). When was the last time we saw people hooting, whistling and speaking the patent dialogues before the actors, in a very modern theatre with a decent audience? If you weren’t a part of the 70’s generation, then you haven’t witnessed it (we certainly haven’t), and taken in a good spirit, it is fun: D Gunday makes you do that.

Priyanka’s lip job and Arjun baba & Ranveer baba’s metro-sexual love is the highlight we must say. So utterly funny is the movie (it is not their idea though) that a good actor like Irrfan Khan is a waste-of-talent here.
For the timing of its release, its ruling-the-current-silver-screen but yet largely unexploited for their talent actors, a desirable Priyanka Chopra, and some foot-tapping music the movie will do decently well, despite the hopelessness of its content!

Arjun Ranveer

In the end, we want to sign off saying, ‘Beta agar jigar ki jagah jigar hai, aur jigar mein dum hai, toh ek baar toh dekh hi aa yeh picture’!!

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Hasee Toh Phasee: Parineeti steals the thunder


From mental to sentimental?? Na !! Parineeti just goes from being crazy to being super awesome as Hasee Toh Phasee moves on its plot of a boy-meet-girl romance where the nikamma Nikhil (Sidharth) meets the on-the-run drama queen Meeta(Parineeti) and does not fall in love with her.


Reminding us a little of Hum Tum, the movie jumps to a leap where Nikhil, who is into event management (although he forgets his ring on his own engagement). He is shown moving around in a big car and residing in quite a luxurious apartment in Delhi struggling to arrange this big amount of money for his wedding with his lady love Karishma (wanna-be hot Adah from 1920) that is just 7 days away. Yes he has been dating a girl for 7 years now.


You all can guess what will happen next right? Yes he runs into the lunatic chemical engineer Meeta and hereby begins a tale where he is seen tossing and confused between these two extremely opposite girls.


While Sidharth struggles to express what he is feeling, what keeps you attentive in the movie none other than the Bollywood newbie Parineeti Chopra who in her ‘crazy with brains’ avtaar, pops pills, eats toothpaste, sticks her tongue out, rolls her eyes and makes you laugh with her very natural looking gibberish and impeccable comic timing.


Except for Shake it like Shammi, the director saves all the songs for second half cause of which the movie seems to slow down a little but once again Parineeti comes to rescue and brings a smile on your face.



As far as the movie is concerned, the music makes you nostalgic as there is nothing very original about it. While Manchala reminds you of Ilahi from YJHD, the romantic n light Zehnaseeb sounds like Shaan’s Besharam from the movie Nasha. However, Drama queen and Punjabi wedding song pep you up quite a bit with the upbeat music and will surely make it to a few sangeet functions this year.


If you are looking for a tight plot and well done direction by the debutant Vinil  Mathew, then this is not the movie to watch. But if you are in and sporty for a non-stop laughter, different type of romance, some shaadi drama and feel-good music, this one is surely your cup of tea.