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Jaipur Beat witnesses ‘Dancing with horses’ event at Jaipur

Just when we thought Rajasthan is all about colors, dance, music, festivals, here comes one more event to add a feather in the cap! The widely known and celebrated ‘Dancing With Horses’ event that was also performed on the occasion of Diamond Jubilee of Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle in London – was performed in Jaipur for the first time today i.e. 14th March.


You have been to jungle safari, desert safari, so how about experiencing a horse safari now? Especially when the weather in Jaipur is neither too hot nor too cold !


Dancing with Horses is an award-winning spectacle featuring dancing horses, tribal dancers, cavalry tent peggers and folk musicians of Rajasthan. The show has excerpts choreographed at the world premium of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee that was held at Royal Windsor Horse Show, 2012.
The show was one of the most exciting events in Jaipur. It was a truly magnificent sound and light theatrical experience showcasing dancing story tellers and musicians who set the stage for the most precious jewel of India’s heritage; the Marwari Horse.



As many as 30 horses, 15 riders, 3 foreign dancers, 20 Indian cultural dancers, 10 musicians and 5 horse trainers participated in the event. There was no entry fee for the show and a crazily large number of foreign tourists, members of the erstwhile royal families, celebrities, bureaucrats, defence service personnel attended and applauded the event.


The spectacular night took the audience on a beautiful journey through horsemanship, cavalry displays, music and dance.

The event held at the Rajasthan Polo Club in Jaipur, was presented by Francesca Kelly and Raghuvendra Singh Dundlod of the Jaipur-based Indigenous Horse Society of India. The event showed the legendary performances of the dancing marwari horses. A wonderful joyous celebration of man and horse filled the air with happiness expressing the rich heritage of India perfectly 🙂


The event will also take place tomorrow i.e. 15th March from 7:30-9 p.m., don’t miss it and come to Rambhagh Polo Ground to have the best time of your life !

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5 Reasons you should only watch Shaadi Ke Side Effects on a DVD


1. The funny parts (tauliye ka ulta side, Mili ko bhook nahi sardi lag rahi hai, tum rehne do Shekhar hai na, doosron ke bachhe and kutte sabko ache lagte hain, when I make a mistake, I say sorry; and when my wife makes a mistake, I say sorry!, and many such more) will seem funnier.


2. Since all the supporting actors (Purab Kohli, Ila Arun, Vir Das, Ram Kapoor, Rati Agnihotri) in the movie are very talented and funny indeed, you can derive fun from every actor’s presence, without needing a theatre screen for it.

Purab Kohli
Vir Das

3. Vidya Balan should look bearably slimmer on a small screen. Trust us, she is too big for the big screen now 😉 Farhan Akhtar would look as good!


4. You can fast forward a little through the slow and the spoiler 2nd half of the movie.

5. It is hard to miss the brands (Royal Enfield, Samsung, Volkswagen, etc.) they are endorsing in the movie; they won’t let you 😀

In short, we think you are in for a good time if you choose to watch it on a DVD. Let’s accept it that, if you don’t have to spend so much money on the movie tickets, an average movie looks above average 😉